The Best Thing About Room 1009(:

Just came home; after a night out with Esther and some of the people from Canton; And it was so much fun!

Yes, we went over to Wufenpu and Raohe Nightmarket; AGAIN; but we've had a great time having a new thing for supper!


So we reached home rather late; but we both have got TONNES of energy! We were just super high!

We were supposed; to brush our teeth together; but somehow; we ended up bickering again; HAHAHA So Esther decided to leave the loo;

And this was what I ended up with; on Skype;

[3:11:01 AM] esther: piggg
[3:11:09 AM] esther: why are u still in e toilet
[3:11:12 AM] esther: come out~~~
[3:11:16 AM] esther: aiyooo
[3:11:16 AM] esther: u r so lagg
[3:11:20 AM] esther: hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
[3:11:21 AM] esther: heyyyyyyyyyyyyy
[3:11:25 AM] esther: u r a pigggggggggggg
[3:11:30 AM] esther: piggy piggggggggggg
[3:11:50 AM] esther: peaches
[3:11:58 AM] esther: do u knw that peaches have fingernails!?
[3:12:03 AM] esther: bet u didnt knw
[3:12:10 AM] esther: i can hear u brushing ur teeth
[3:12:13 AM] esther: why are u pausing
[3:12:19 AM] esther: and nw u one e tap
[3:12:27 AM] esther: and den u brush
[3:12:28 AM] esther: den on e tap
[3:12:33 AM] esther: why are u still inside?!
[3:12:37 AM] esther: and u r calling my name
[3:13:12 AM] esther: finally
[3:14:03 AM] shux((: I'm so gna blog abt this

I'm so going to miss my roomie when I'm back in SG; AW;


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