Popping By...

Have been so busy at work this 2 weeks!

The first week of June was a trade show which concerns our Hotel a GREAT deal since majority of the guests are staying with us; and thus, Esther and I are schelped with the 5pm to Midnight shift in anticipation of the large crowds coming in for dinner and drinks (and of course, because like; 98% of guests converse in English)

The first week of June passed by with the both of us feeling totally burnt out; but somehow, the 3 of us in the room still have got the energy to go out for late night movies ( Ghosts of Girlfriends Past; anyone:D); K SESSION from like; 1am till; _ (Cannot be disclosed!!) HAHA! It was awesome, singing and dancing and jumping in our little VIP room:D

The following week (Which is this particular week;) Esther and I were transfered to the Chinese restaurant and we'll be up there till we go back to SG in Sept. We're still trying out; trying our very best not to be negative about the place; SO, I'll let you know. Once I have a definite answer:D

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