Really Tired Out; (Mentally)

Having been here for 5weeks, it's most unfortunate for me to say that yes; I'm really tired, mentally and emotionally.

The physical part is OKAY; perfectly alright. I can cope with a busy buffet dinner just fine and still have the energy to laugh and build rapport with customers;

But, the stuff that I see, hear and process; are beginning to wear me out.

People aren't as nice as they seems.
My easy goingness; which leads to my child-like innocence, of trusting of EVERYONE that is "good to me"; is a personal belief of mine, which had been proven; has to be thrown out of the window.

Why is it so hard; to co-exist with a friend; a colleague?
What is IT; that makes people, want to gossip and come up with many incredulous and hurtful theories about someone? (I'm not just refering to myself; but so many other people have been the unwilling target.)

I've prayed hard; that such nonsense would not befall me; but unfortunately, it did.

Internship; doesn't just train you; to be better at what you do on the job; but it really allows you to see the WORKING LIFE; SOCIETY, for what it truly IS.

Yes, the Taiwanese culture is very different from SG's; but I can't imagine how the next 5 months is going to be like.

I'm just incredibly lucky to have my darling Esther here; and a very nice; and (sometimes) wise Supervisor here for me;

Teaching me; and sometimes; reprimanding me; should I do something stupid.

Having going on and on about the negatives; Rest assure; that I wouldn't dwell on those; I'll concentrate on the SUNNY SIDE that had happened today!

Got a tip today; from this table of really nice Germans(:
They were having a business discussion all the way from before Tea till dinner; and it seems that my service was greatly appreciated by them!

It really made my day; though I was momentarily stunned when they pushed the note into my hands!


PS/ Do pray for me though; Things are really tough and stormy; inspite of all these little rays of sunshine.

Hope things will be better/

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