My First Trip To The (Taipei, Muzha) Zoo(:

*Massive Post!*

I guess, I shall start naming my posts; just so, I'll know what I'm blogging about, when I'm looking back in my archives;
And somehow, I've came up with a very, primary school, essay (or rather, composition) title; which aptly sums up what this post will be about:D

Yes, it's the second day of both Esther & my off day:D And we've decided to make a trip down to the ZOO:D
(We've always been wanting to visit SG Zoological Gardens ever since like; after the Feb 09 exams; but the hefty price and distance had put us off!)

Can you imagine?! A trip to this zoo; costs like; NT$60; which is about; SGD$3! $3!! It costs even LESSER than a bowl of noodles from a food court or something!

Anyway; we were pretty fascinated by the animals and exhibits; we; (actually, it's just Esther;) started going snap happy!

Took TONS of blurry pictures; and pictures of brown owls; which couldn't be seen; you get the picture.
We were just too excited to be in the ZOO; for the first time since we LEFT childhood;
Honestly the last time I could remember being in the zoo was when I was 12?!

It's been a long, long 7 years, so, pardon us:D

We got our Macdonald's lunch:D

And we've both got NUGGETS:D
The only difference being that I got my HAPPY MEAL, and my pink, cutesy, Tamagotchi toy which dispenses STICKERS:D

Next, we saw the flamingos:D
And let me test you guys;

Do you have any idea what a flamingo is called in Mandarin?!

Don't worry, I have no idea too! HAHA!
And Esther INSISTED; that I take a picture with the pink birds; cos' We're AT THE ZOO;

Next, we were fascinated by this stationary toy train thing; And I was just too excited that I've got a faux railway track as my backdrop; I started going crazy; asking Esther to take tons of pictures=p And I switched on the Self Timer function on my camera to capture the joyous moment:D

She's really pretty eh?:D

Some of the animals on exhibit:D
(This is going to be like a mini, kindergarten biology class!)

Sloth (Esther was so fascinated by this furry grey sloth!)

Koala BEAR:D:D

Billy Goat







( I don't UNDERSTAND, why would anyone kill these cute furry balls to make a coat; it's just; plain gross!)

This is one cool; feathery fish!

Orang Utan

Ant Eater


Sun Bear

I was really amused by the reaction of the sea of people around us; when they saw the panda in the enclosure; moving; twitching; or just simply, eating the masses of bamboo shoots.

When the OTHER panda crawled(?) into our side; (not sure if it's Tuantuan or Yuanyuan;) The reaction was massive!






LOL; I sound like I should be banned from the zoo or something; HAHA. But okay; they're really cute; just, I don't see why should it garner that much attention~ (;

Anyway; if you remember from the previous post; Esther and I bought some new rings isn't it?:D
Esther's got her ELEPHANT ring; while I got my leopard one; (I've got an owl too; but it's too dark in the Nocturnal Animals Exhibit; so I couldn't take a picture!)

So we were both very excited when we saw "our" animals:D:D

The cutesy Asian elephants;

The feisty LEOPARD:D

After that; we went on to visit the Australian Farm Animals, cos' I was insistent on seeing some real, life, jumping Kangaroos;

The steep steps which leads to the Aussie animals section;

Looking as pretty halfway up the treacherous climb:D

I don't remember seeing any kangaroos; but Esther said we saw them! But I'm not too sure;
I was SURE, that we saw some wallabies though; which isn't the same):


Went on to the African Animals section; and I realise that; my favorite animals seem to hail from this very continent!


ZEBRAS! (Plus maybe a stray antelope or something;)

I was so excited to see the animals shown in MADAGASCAR! But it's a shame I didn't get to see the LIONS)):

I love lions; esp their long, bushy mane:D HAHA! Aw, next time then!

Due to time constraints; we didn't manage to visit the BIRDS section; so we've missed out on the penguins and the other birdies; but owell; there's another 5months for us to familiarize with the zoo eh?:D

Right outside the zoo; we saw this BALLOON MAN; with this MASSIVE bunch of helium filled balloons(: And Esther was so FRIGGIN excited; cos' she still remembered the balloon which I owed her; for her birthday; on Feb 9; YES, like; it's almost 2months ago; but still,

So I got SPONGEBOB for her:D HAHA!

She was so friggin happy; really, almost as happy as I was, when I bought my pink bow yesterday;

Decided NOT to go to CKS Memorial Hall as;

1) The battery on my camera was flat; so we reckon there's no point in going and not have pictures for keepsake
2) It was already 5+ and it takes 40mins to reach the Memorial Hall; which closes at 6.30pm, SO;

We decided to go to Taipei 101 area instead:D

Wanted to catch 17 Again at Vieshow; but it's only going to OPEN the day after; SO, we decided to have dinner:D

Yummy RAMEN:D And Esther's Pepper Lunch like rice:D Which smelled so good!

Walked around; and we went to Eslite to get some books:D

After much browsing and searching (yes, it's like; 3 to 4 stories of Borders put together!!)

Our shopping bags consist of:
Angel & Demons by Dan Brown (MINE!:D)

Chasing Harry Winston by Lauren Weisberger
& 天使的礼物 (Uh huh; it's a CHINESE NOVEL; which Esther wanted to get; )

Headed BACK to NYNY for some Coldstone; which was Esther's virgin trip; and she's sold on their yummy ice cream too:D

So yes; we've done SO MUCH walking for the day;
That I fell asleep; 10mins after we reached the hotel.

Yes, I know DIRTY; but really; try walking the entire Suntec City; or Vivo City like; 5times over.

And you know how I feel!


Okay, I'm going to bed now;
Want to get up early for some warm; yummy breakfast tomorrow:D


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