I Stink; Literally.

Okay; this is basically; wayy too much information; But I just knocked off work; and the first thing that I would want to do, is to blog; even though I reek of food and; stuff.

Yes, things did pick up; from the last, sad post; but I guess, a combination of stuff; caused me to finally; break down today.

I just feel so stuffed; Feel so, filled to the brim with stress and nonsense; that I just broke down; in front of 小苎主管. When I failed to open this; bottle of red wine and because I have absolutely no friggin idea; what is the right procedure for serving red wine.


Not very professional; but I'm really lucky that I've got both 小苎 and Darren 主管 there; cos they understood perfectly; (In other words; they're really humane) Instead of some horrid supervisors around.

No, it isn't PMS; but really, at that point; I did think; that I HATED attachment; IF only, I knew it came with so much nonsense; I wouldn't even waste my time here;

But hey; I don't want to be some "give up-er"; I KNOW, with the help of some of the most incredibly nice angels (YOU KNOW, who you are darlings!), I will be able to pull through this.

I guess, it's the cultural shock; working it's way through me;

I haven't been eating well; and I'm like; really sick of the food, and I wish that I will be able to see all things familiar:/

JIAYOU; I'm here for 2months at the end of the week; SO,

4more months to go!

-Signed off with tons of optimism and hope

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