Enough of Sad, Depressing Posts Already!

Okay; no more scaring half my friends with sad; heartfelt posts; going to do a bumper post, filled with tons of pictures from the couple of, sweet, lovely days with HARRISON (My <3!)unexpected>visitor crashed our little party of 3;

HE, shocked me by stepping out of his dad's car, right in front of the hotel;

I was shocked; and then I started shrieking and screaming and freaking out; as my brain registered WHO that was;


I was hyperventilating when I tiptoed and gave him a hug; and my heart was still thumping madly as I sat in the car on his left.

It was so surreal;
Like from a dream.

I don't normally feel like something is from a dream. So, you know I'm not exaggerating.

By lunch; everything was more of less, back to normal.

But at least; HE'S got the WHOLE journey from INDIANAPOLIS to CHICAGO to SAN FRANSISCO and then to TAIPEI to accept the fact that he was going to see me;

I've got probably the journey from the HOTEL, to the IMMIGRATION (equivalent to SG's ICA); to BREEZE CENTER.

I'm just trying to let you all understand that he's got; 20hours; while I've probably got 40mins.

It's so unbelievable; But I was secretly glad; he sprang this surprise on me; Another one of *those moments* to add to our memories:D

Had Shabu Shabu for lunch; and Sashimi + Some other side dishes for Dinner and it was GREAT!

I've had enough of those; plain; limp vegetables and oily meats offered at the staff cafeteria and the surrounding eateries around that I was so so, extra THANKFUL for the meals today!

He was very insistent on sending me back to the Hotel; although he stayed like; 5mins from the Sashimi place; he took that; 30mins train ride back to Muzha Zoo Station; with me(:

Stayed behind at MacDonald's with a cup of coffee; and we chatted for hours; literally(: It was bliss


Spent the next day with him; we went all over Taipei; just the both of us; and it was so fun! Can't imagine; being somewhere else; with him. So; the experience was great!

Went to; 101, Vieshow, Shin Kong Mitsukoshi, Taipei Main Station, Hsimending, Miramar;

It's just; so fab(:

Met him after work the following day;

Was so excited as Esther and I will be meeting him; together with Tommy & Alyson; Tommy's a friend from Indy too! And Alyson's Tommy's girl;

We ATE ALOT; or rather; I did;

The snow ice(: The oyster egg, the carrot cake, the tempura;


But Harrison, aw, those days spent with you; were just, so good!
It's incredible, to see you after close to a year; and, the feeling, is just, indescribable.

Yes, I'll have to say goodbye to you; for a long long period; soon; but then again,

I can't wait for July!

I can't wait for another great Summer; spent with you:D

As for "The Future"; who cares right?! I will want to live for now;(:
Why think about the unknown, if it makes you sad?! Things, will most definitely fall into place(:

I Love You(:

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