I know; I have been horrible about updating my life; BUT; yes, I shall start from TODAY;

It was Esther's & MY OFF DAY!
YAY; we shifted things around; and we got the same OFF DAYS for today and tomorrow:D

Went to 五分铺 today; and we really spent like; 5hours there or something. OR SOMETHING. I know we just walked and shopped and walked. But yay; my feet doesnt hurt:D

The very shop that I ate with my family when we came here last December:D Aw, I miss my family so so much~

It was so fun; with no time constraint; with just the both of us:D


This guy; from this shop; I LOVE HIS CURLS; his hair is totally gorgeous! And he doesn't look like your typical Taiwanese; he's so Jap! UGH; I was totally freaking out AFTER I took his photo! HAHA! Esther kept on going on; saying that he's so friggin skinny! LOL

(Okay; this picture do him NO justice at all; but he's REALLY good looking; omggggg. Okay. HAHA And he's VERY SHY; aw; )

Esther was totally shocked that I would be FASCINATED with these big; floppy hats; she decided to take PICTURES of me; looking at the pretty hats:D (Which I didn't get
in the end!)

Went over to Raohe Night Market; where there were TONS of food; and we just sat down; and had a great dinner!:D


I'm currently putting myself on a healthy diet; so I'm REALLY restricting the types of food which I'm putting in my mouth!

So my exception was this; cutesy Doraemon pancake thing; HAHA not very sure what is it called though;

The train which we missed~

The newer; Taroke which we took:D

We took the train from Songshan Train Station; to Taipei Main Station; so the both of us were really fascinated by the trains! As we haven't been on one before; and we got so confused in the tunnel; not sure where and which train to board!

Here's our cute; punched tickets:D

Decided to have a SHORT; CAM-EO session; and this is MY BLUR face;

And after much cajoling; I got Esther to do her TUMMYACHE face;


Time check when we reached Taipei Main Stn; 2147:D

Was at Taipei Main Station where we decided to have a bit of Coldstone; BUT; gosh; the QUEUE is insane! I've never seen such a long line at Coldstone before!

I took a picture from a couple of feet away; BUT this guy; (staring back in the picture) saw me; and he was quite pissed that I was taking a picture; WITH NO FLASH THOUGH.

Anyway, it's a free country; I can take whatever picture I want! HAHA

OH! And today; Esther & I went crazy; buying RINGS:D

She got a cutesy elephant one; and another ring with HEARTS on the circumference;

I've got my cutesy; Anna Sui inspired owl; a bow (tribute of my love for BOWS!) And a gorgeous; leopard:D

Okay; that's all I have; we're going to the TAIPEI ZOO tomorrow; and then to Chiang Kai Shek Memorial Hall tomorrow!
(Yes, we want to do CULTURAL things too! LOL!)

Don't Laugh!

Now playing;

It's so heartwarming(:

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