With Facebook; I guess, I've been neglecting this space; as it's SOO much easier to upload photos; as compared to Blogger; where we could only post up 5pictures at one go;


Here are some of the updates in my life(:

Yummy Waffle Bowl;
With Strawberry Cheesecake; Chocolate Fudge Brownie & Cookie Dough

LEY and I went for some wholesome goodness of B&J!! It's honestly, my absolute FAVORITE; too bad I wouldn't be in SG for the Free Cone Day on April 21; OWELL, I guess I'll have to make do with the ones which I buy(:

Aw, I'm hoping that there's B&J in Taipei, or I'll be one sad (not so) little girl; BUT, I've seen a new Coldstone at NEW YORK, NEW YORK; which is 10mins away from the Hotel, SO! MAYBE, I can find a new baby to love(:

THANKS DARLING! I've got such an awesome time that day with you:D RIGHT AFTER that super scary, and shocking, My Bloody Valentine (3D);

I miss you already! HONEST! Haven't been seeing you online recently; DO TAKE CARE YER? Do know that I'm thinking about you always!

Oh, before I forget; we went in to the NEW National Geographic outlet; the biggest in Asia I think; AND IT WAS AWESOME! So many different things to see!

(A picture speaks a thousand words; and now I've got a couple:D)

This is a temperature controlled room; where you can wear the jackets and try it on IN this chamber, to see if IT really protects YOU against the cold!

I have no idea why; but the glass cabinets you see; costs a whopping SGD$60,000!

Ley being all artsy fartsy!


OH, then on Friday (6 March), some of the girls and guys came over to my place for a sumptious meal of warmy STEAMBOAT(:

THANKS for AUD & YINA, for going with my to AMK Hub to get the yummy goodies; and to Dicky, Vance & Damien for fetching us in our hour of need!! LOL

HUGE APOLOGIES TO Mel, Kaheng, Ley & Hanxiang, for making you all wait; SORRY ABOUT THAT!

OWELL, I'm glad you guys were well fed; and that you all have had a great time at My Humble House:D HAHA! I'm so going to miss these fun and crazy times with you guys!

They ALL love; the shot on the steps! HAHA


AUD, RAE & I met up first at PS, for a movie; we caught ROLE MODELS and it was TOO FUNNY! Was laughing like mad all the way; so for those we want a GOOD LAUGH; you should check it out!

(IF you're having a bad day, do yourself a favour and watch this; it's only 2mins!)

It was really fun at Pastamania; with the 9 of us, hogging the long table, and munching away on the Carbs; A good thing that pasta can be found almost anywhere; or I'll have to start stocking up on pasta and sauces in my luggage for Taipei;

He LOVES his sad face!

But what I'll miss; is the GOOD COMPANY I have with all of you(: The walk to Istana Park; and how accomodating all of you were(: When I was busy snapping away(: Those photo sessions were the best; with the funny faces all of you have!:D

We were playing some, action game, and Esther & Yina SCREWED IT UP!
The end "product" looks NOTHING like the original!




Okay, this is all I have for now;
YES, I'm still in SG, NO, I dont think that I'll be leaving on Friday the 13 anymore):

No work permit;
No visa;
No flight confirmation)):

Hope everything will be sorted out soon!

Okay, I've got to dash; going over to Rachel (YEE'S) place later for some good old tie dying sessions!!

More photos tonight! (On Facebook first!)


PS/ Oh gosh; I've been sniffling non stop; and NOW my throat hurts; SAVE ME! I don't want to fall sick! More warm water for me!

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