Went down to the Taiwan Embassy to get our VISAS((: It's done! Can't believe we're really, going off on SUNDAY! (Sheila's already gotten the tickets from Jetstar online!)

Went back to school to get a photocopy of our Visas to the administration office; and we left to finally, have our lunch at Buddy Hoagies at 4:12! (I remember the time because we wanted to get the set lunch; but it's only till 4! HAH!)

She managed to snap this; without saying "1,2,3..." HAHA!

It was so fun!

We both has Fish & Chips; as we haven't had that in a long long time; and as usual; we (or rather, I) took TONS of pictures of our dearest ESTHER!!!!!

She's so cute; when she's so camera shy! HAHA!

After the main course; we played a game of "Rock, Scissors, Paper" and the LOSER; will have to go all the way to the counter to get ask for our Rum & Raisin Waffles!

I, was the loser; score's 2-1; and Esther was given the "Paparazzi" role; to snap pictures of me; going up and down the counter. HAHA.

While waiting for our waffle; we were making a list of the things to bring to Taipei; and we were blown away by the sheer amount of things that we have to bring!

*OKAY, ESTHER, asked me to put down the fact that I intend to bring 6 pairs of FOOTWEAR.

2 Compulsory Black Flats (For Work!)
1 Pair of Black Mary Jane Heels (Formal; and for shopping!)
1 Pair of Flip Flops
1 Pair of Track Shoes (They're actually tennis shoes; but owells; Still the same thing!)
1 Pair of Ballet Flats ( It's agonizing; having to choose a pair to bring!)

LOL! Is it that horrible?! NO isn't it?! IN FACT, it's OKAY isn't it?! Cos the shoes are for DIFFERENT FUNCTION, DIFFERENT PURPOSES. LOL!

OWELLS, I'm going to have my dinner now; (Veggie Rice), and I'm going to have to begin the long, long, process of PACKING MY LUGGAGE! More pictures soon! I promise!


*My smile is a somewhat frozen one; as I remember that we'll know our RESULTS TOMORROW MORNING AT 9!


Okay, here's one of my favorite, favorite songs ever!
I'm using it now as a "pick me up"; HAHA! I NEED TO BE CHEERED UP!

And this Spanish song works PERFECTLY!

Kings Gipsy

Volare oh oh
Cantare oh oh oh oh
Nel blu dipinto di blu
Felice di stare lassu

*This is what one of the lines mean;


(So perfect isn't it?! Such a happy, happy song!)

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