GAHHH, It's 0457 now;
And my flight's at 1300.

It's just, so, surreal! I can't believe that, I'm FINALLY going off;
NOT for a holiday; but for a 6months internship.

It feels like; I'm saying GOODBYE, to everyone for a really, really long time;
When it actual fact; I'm sure 6mths pass by in a flash;

(Jason kept complaining that I'm being such a Drama Queen; As he keep saying that he get the impression from me, that I'm leaving for 10years for something.)

Spent my last day in SG, by going to a Christian Lacroix's (pronounced, Christi-ah-n Luh-Kw-ah) exhibition in the National Museum; and after that; I got the bad news that my dad had to stay back in the office due to some unknown error that had cropped up)):

Flown in, all the way from France!

GOT my two little brothers to meet me as it would be too depressing to spend the last night here having take out; SO we went down to Paragon and we dined at Fish & Co!

My FAV! Peri Peri Catch!

Dinner WAS FANTASTIC! Haven't eaten there in a long long time; And I don't know if there's a Fish & Co in Taipei, but I will definitely miss their Peri Peri Catch and their Sharkie's Freeze; among many others!

My Grey Colored Contacts:D

Went back to J8; where we caught a move; HOTEL FOR DOGS;
It mostly about family, love and the whole "never ever be apart"...

It is heart warming; there's a part where it COULD make you cry; if you're the emotional sort; but mostly; I remembered laughing like mad; and I left the theatre; with an even stronger conviction to get a dog:D (Yes, there was Marley & Me, and now THIS.)

OKAY, back to my sad goodbye; (Sorry, but I digress!)

I'm so going to miss MY FAMILY!
It's so sad that the littlest couldn't make to tomorrow as he's having some kayaking competition;
I'm going to miss my bed; and my pillow)):

I'm going to miss my DARLING, DARLING FRIENDS!

The whole lot of you; from DR(:
AND ESP RACHEL; SINCE YOU will be leaving for CUSHING ACADEMY ( ALL the way in friggin Boston, like, even before I'm back!)
I'm going to miss the Sundays, cell, the special events; and how can I forget! My darling bunch of kids!

And of course!
The whole, bunch of YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I'm going to miss the crazy times we had in Chalet; and of course! School;(: Cos that's where we meet up the most isn't it?!
PS/ DICKSON CHAN! What happened to prata?!! )):

And I'll miss my darlings((:
Many of you have started your internships; so we barely have enough time to meet up): But GOODY LUCK, to all your internships yer?!

And Ley; PLEASE take care of yourself! I know you'll cry)): But, aw, seriously, I'm at loss for words now.. I don't know WHAT can I say, to make you feel better dearie!)):

AUD & RAE: I'll definitely miss the both of you! SINCE you're jetting off to Hefei too! (BUT we're in the same Holiday Inn family!!:D) AUD; PLEASE take good care of RAE RAE okay?! She's always falling sick)): And have a ball of time in China! REMEMBER what the girl from Sasa; Marina Sq said! BE SURE TO TRAVEL ROUND! HAHA!

And you will be able to meet Dicky & Harrison too! When he's going there in June I think=p HAHA

ESTHER; I think I have ALOT to share with you over the next 6mths; HAHA. BUT, do try to accept me and my quirks okay?! Many people say; that living with your bestie; could be the bestest thing; or the worst; let's not; let it become the worst thing ever okay?!((: I'm glad I'm going with you darling!

AND HARRISON, you're the ONLY one; that I'm not saying goodbye to; in fact; I'll definitely see you in July isn't it?! When you go back home for the Summer holidays! BUT, I still feel, like; I'm going "away" from you too)): Aw): I guess, it's because of the fact that you're on a holiday now too! IMY oh!(:

OKAY, that's all I HAVE for now; that's a MIGHTY long post; but yer(:
I'll definitely come back with more updates; and I guess, you may see me frequent MSN more; LOL.

(But not the weather!!)

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