Okay, I shall blog a little before going up to my room; I HAVE TO START WITH MY PACKING!!! YES; it's confirmed I guess; Esther, Sheila and I will be going down to the TW Embassy to get our visas; and we have to leave SG on either this coming Saturday or Sunday;

Just received an email from the Hotel; and we are required to report to work on Monday, 23 March, at 9.30am. GOSH. It's REALLY, happening.

ARGH. I still have tons of forms to fill in; which are in TRADITIONAL CHINESE. GEEZ. OKAY, I'll have to buck up! I NEED HELP!

Shall blog abit about today:D

The earlier part of the day is a bit confusing; so try to stay with me(:

1) Reached Harborfront at about, 8.40 to meet Sheila & Esther to go to the embassy;
When I received to bad news from Esther that we would have to go all the way back to SCHOOL, to get another form which we forgot.
2) The both of us made our way to Outram, to catch the GREEN line; when SHEILA called, to say that the Admin staff had made a mistake; NO NEED TO GO SCHOOL.
REACHED Harborfront again; realised; We've INDEED forgotten to bring a piece of document;
3) CALLED OFFICE; THANK GOODNESS FOR SOFT COPIES, INTERNET, & SHEILA; who had gone home to get her passport.
4) It's so friggin confusing and messed up!

While waiting for Sheila, Esther & I walked around Vivocity for a little while and it was quite fun(: Took tons of photos; and she was so ever accomodating:D

She's so cute! HAHA!

We were right outside this shop, LVER, and I LOVED the door; it's so pretty!

Over at River Island;
Trying on the super high; spindly heels!
It's so friggin high! We were perched precariously; BUT the shoes were so pretty!!!(:

Went over to the Embassy then; and we had to fill up a whole list of forms; and one can't help but feel a sense... confirmation; from this long... process; of going overseas.

Taiwan Embassy is located on the 23rd storey of the PSA Building...

Forms & More Forms!

6months! It's neither short nor a long period of time; but I know I will miss everything! OF course, my family, my friends, food, SHOPPING ( YES; no Topshop/Zara/F21 for 6mths!) And maybe, the weather; when I miss the warm sunshine during the 1st 2 months!

However; I got to say that the TW Embassy is fab! They didn't charge us for a 6mths visa; so it's wonderful:D Saved quite a bit on the visas; if not it will come up to a hundred odd per person.

Again, the darling girl is accomodating me:D LOVE YOU TO BITS ESTHER!

Esther & I went back to Vivocity then; and had a great time at PageONE; it's seriously one of my favorite bookstore; I love all the woody accents; and the great variety of books, editorials and CDS which you can get from one place(:

Esther; One of the Crazy Twilight Fan;

LOVE the Mr. & Miss Series ever since I was little!

LOVE the pretty, pastel files! They make such a pretty, pretty background:D


ANYWAY, Went back home; and I just; fell straight asleep; I've never taken so many buses today!!! (Cos' I went to Toa Payoh to get my contact lens and a CUTESY alarm clock; to wake me up!)


So Professional! I LOVE My Sunny Side Up!

ANYWAY, I woke up at dinner time; and my mom prepared prawns; which I'm allergic too; so instead of eating just VEGGS, I was, craving for a sunny side up; and to my surprise! My little brother OFFERED, to fry one for me!!!! WOW. I was, really, touched:D HAHA!

I was so touched; When I saw him cooking(:


OKAY; I have to go up to my room to pack my bag now!!!
BUT I'm panicking with results to my results which will be released this FRIDAY! DO PRAY FOR ME EVERYONE!



PS/ YES, I would LOVE To BE Able to Study There!

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