Had a chalet at Costa Sands Downtown East from Sunday to Tuesday and it was just; SO FUN!

Stayed up, through the night on both days, and all of just went crazy!

Had a major games session the first night and it was just HILARIOUS! With all the Indian Poker and Couples Q&A, in which we put all our attention on Mel & Kaheng and Sheila & Wei Chen((:

Miss Strong Lady; YINA!
Miss EVEN Stronger Lady, SHEILA!

TELEPATHY! Wei Chen & Sheila,

Let's just have an OPEN MIND!

OH! Before I forgot, took some videos of the forfeits which we had to do from the Indian Poker, and here are some of it!


Rachel & Esther; The Human Pole

SHUXIAN & DICKY, Tribal Dance

For more;
Just click onto either one of the links, and see more videos, under IHEARTPEARL okay?:D:D

On the 2nd night, the remaining 10 of us has a movie session where we caught Slumdog Millionaire on DVD, and we have got mixed reactions from the movie. Apparently, Yina was the only one who truly enjoyed the full movie! HAHA (Yes, we know her obsession with all things Bollywood!)

After that, the 8 of us,

& ME!

Went out of the chalet in their rented car and FIRST STOP was this, Tua Pek Kong Temple.

YES. A temple. LOL! They wanted to pray and ask for blessings; it was quite, a different experience, seeing your friends being so, spiritual;

After that, we went over to Jalan Kayu for the famour Thasevi prata and it was fab! HAHA!

* I know while in the car, I was freaking out when Vance sped along the highway or something! He was probably going at 100km/h, but I was still freaked out, HAHA! Yes, I'm quite the scaredy cat!

In the end, we ended up at Seletar Dam, and it was the best place to be!!! We were looking out to the sea and the wind was blowing, you never know that SG could be THAT cold! It was the best feeling!!

Yina wanted to feel how it was like riding on the bike, and she got Hanxiang to bring her round; she was THRILLED. HAHA! I kept my promise made to my dad and I only climbed onto the bike while it was stationary. It totally felt like; I was at the arcade; HAHA

Owells, the girls slept like a baby on the way back; and I was so glad I stayed for the 2nd night:D


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