OKAY; the last time that I updated was in March 21; which was SO LONG AGO!
I'm in Taipei now; as almost everyone knows; And there're just so many photos which I've snapped; and are ALL uploaded on Facebook!

I really love Taipei; well; other than the shopping and the food; and the people of course!

I'm interning at Sam's Cafe; which is a Western style buffet restaurant and it's a great place to work!

We provided breakfast for the tour groups and it's the breakfast shift that is CRAZY!

Depending on what we do; we have to turn tables at an amazingly fast rate; clear the leftovers ( I love doing this; somehow; my mind just blocks off the ICK factor; and I've taken to using my bare hands to scrap the food off!! HAHA! YES; we're that busy! ) And we have to carry loads of heavy load; and sometimes; my wrist hurts ): BUT; I guess practice makes perfect?(:

Other than that; I'm also assigned to take care of the buffet area; just once! But it's so crazy; BUT FUN! Cos we have to refill the food at the buffet; and the speed which the food clears is just astounding! ESP; sashimi; and the grilled oyster au gratin!

However; I feel that it's not what's in our job scope; that makes the best of our internship experience; but what's NOT REQUIRED.

I stayed up in the kitchen yesterday; with Emily & Ariana; 2 of the waitress; and we helped the kitchen staff; with the slicing of salted eggs and chopping of guava! They may seem so; mundane; but it's not! It required skill! And I had a hard time mastering the chopping of guava; cos there's actually and ANGLE; which you have to cut it! LOL

Basically; I'm enjoying my time here; Esther & Sheila are the best roomies; I can ask for; and we just enjoying picking at each other; be it that we're MESSY; stinky; or plain gluttons; but I'm actually looking forward to the next 5months here!

Although it may get tiring at the restaurant; but; I'm hopeful that I'll learn alot; although sometimes; I may wonder what am I doing; clearing tables so far away here; but; I guess; nothing is ever easy; and everything happens for a reason! SO! I'm really optimistic now:D

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