It's 4.55am; And I'm still here; AFTER having that sinful cup of coffee a couple of hours earlier...

Was chatting with Ley about SO MANY THINGS;
And one thing stood out; Which I thought I could share;

"Live Life To The Fullest, No Regrets! No What Ifs! No I Wonder..........."

Cos it will be too late for any changes..
Sometimes; there may be a decision for you to make; a path for you to choose;

Like Alice in Wonderland (For those of you who still remember your fairytales),
To turn LEFT or to go RIGHT...

Every choice you make; it has got an impact on your life, and how things turn out for you in the end...

We may all be too familiar with the phrase, "If only I did that! THEN......."

But life is like that; So full of unknowns.. I guess, that's the beauty of life; of being HUMAN, with a brain to think and contemplate..
I know it's easy to say, but hard to choose; However, whenever we make a choice, STICK WITH IT;

ALL things, no matter good or bad, happens for a reason...

For me, 2006 was one of the darkest period of my (albeit) young life;
BUT, 2/3 yrs later, that experience of mine; helped me, to HELP some of my friends, through their own living nightmare..

Giving hope for others.

During pageant of any sorts; Sometimes; you would hear questions like,

"What is one thing in your life; That you would like to rectify/ change?"

Usually, that beautifully made up girl would answer, "Nothing, For I am happy etc etc..."

Which I always thought, sound abit pompous; for I KNOW, (then), what I wanted to change!
I guess, now, I have the same answer as those girls...

" To Never Look Back..."

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