Haha, since I have got a bit of a free time now; I shall post up the pictures from secondary school; OMGGGGGGGGGGGGG, all of you must know that it's a BIG BIG BIG sacrifice on my part okay! HAHAH GEEZ, I was cringing when I saw my HAIR~ god; HAHA! A.W.F.U.L.!!!!!!

YER, GOD, and thankfully, it's only the pictures from Sec3? Majority are from Sec4, which are HORRID enough; Thankfully, I've LOST ALL my pics from lower sec!

All of them have to go up to the grand stand BECAUSE OF!!!!!

ME! HAHAHA! LOL! I tore my ligament while playing volleyball; AND IT'S BCOS OF THIS ACCIDENT; that I became SO FRIGGIN UNFIT!

Graduation dinner(:
AT Orchid Country Club
It's BYE Braddell Westlake; HELLO GY!
(None of us were too happy at this point in time):)

2006! SEC4!!
PRefects Leadership Camp at Malaysia;
I think it was at Swissotel, Kelantan?! Not very sure!

My GY FRIENDS((: Lovely girls!
Kaamun, Alicia, ME!, SHUXIAN & Valerie!


This is really the LIMIT; GOSH THE HAIR! How many clips do I need?! GEE)): YEURCK!
This was at Science Centre, for some Science thingy; this is the biology section, where we have to get bacteria samples; use the petri dish; etc etc, I loved wearing the labcoats though:D:D

I remember this was in Sec4, AFTER a hair cut!

During 06 Guides Camp(: Togther with Ann & Vionita; BOTH OF WHOM; ARE IN AUSTRALIA NOW))): I miss you both!

*Aw, that's all I have; EVER since both my laptops (first was the NEC, then my fujitsu went crazy) crashed on me)):

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