AND HERE! Pictures from my Taipei trip!
Aw; looking at how warmly we were bundled up; I miss the cool weather already~

Seriously; I almost fainted when I wore my blazer in SG yesterday, when I was in Orchard; The Christmas shopping crowd is; tremendous! DO SOME ONLINE SHOPPING ALREADY!



Woke up at like, 4.30am! Just to go to the airport. I was so excited!! But seriously, this time round; it was more of an escapade. Literally. I've wanted this holiday SO bad; just to run away from the stress of school. It's crazy~

So I digress; ANYWAY, yer, we had a transit at HK International Airport and the QUEUE at immigration is INSANE! I'm just glad we weren't going through that. The line seems to be endless!

So at around, 5? We reached Taoyuan Int'l Airport and I had to stop myself from running out to bask in the coolness. I LOVE IT! Both Jason & I; refused to wear our coats even when our parents told us to ( I feel like a kid again!)


Went to the hotel; KILIN! And after we've dumped our luggage; we walked to Hsimending! It was fab! Being back again; the atmosphere, the people; it was great to be part of it!

The folks went straight to get their food; at where else? YES! The mee sua stall~ I had like; a couple of mouthful and I refused to eat it. LOL I know right? I'm being stupid.

After that; we saw this LOOOOONGGG line; and we were wondering what's up; when we saw HIM!


2 years ago, we saw him when we came; right at Hsimending; NOW! in 2008, we happened to bump into him again!

Had our dinner; (we were famished!) and it was great! Had the Fried Oyster Egg thing; and Meatball soup; though it's a simple meal; it's great to eat something so~ Unique to the country I'm visiting!

Shopped round and round after dinner and though I didnt get anything; it was great(: to take in the sights and sounds!


Although this was a "Free & Easy" holiday; my mom woke us up at like; 7am! OMG she's insane!!!! We had to have our crappy breakfast at the hotel and walk to Longshan Temple;

This temple is one of the most established one in Taiwan; founded in, 1738? I think; YER! It's so OLD!


And BECAUSE! Almost ALL malls open at like, 11am, by the time we get to Sogo at Zhong Xiao Fuxing, we were STILL looking at it's shutters. IT'S TOO EARLY!!!!!!

Outside the train station; with some words missing:S

And because the mall is closed; everyone went to shop in the supermarket instead! LOL

Went to Taipei 101, NYNY and 新光三月 and ESP! 新光三月; OMGGG!
I've come to the conclusion that the shopping in SG is horrid!


I mean; yes, we have got fab malls like, Takashimaya & Paragon; but! Seriously, Sogo alone is SO MUCH BETTER than Tangs or Robinsons! The clothes at 1 level is enough to satisfy me? SO; yes, you get the picture!

Was at 五分埔 in the afternoon and it's dizzying. THERE were so MANY bags of clothes on the floor of the shop space and it was so difficult to navigate!

BUT! I still managed to get a blazer which is a STEAL! The quality and design is so much better than those that you would find at F21 and the likes! I LOVE IT!

Lunch on Day 2 was MAJOR!

GOSH! We kept ordering and ordering and the bowls and plates kept piling up~ Everyone else ate so much rice!!! They were totally enjoying their 卤肉饭! And so many things else!

Met Harrison's parents at 101 in the evening and yes; it was nerve wrecking! Meeting them again; after 6mths, w/o Harrison here to break the ice! It was so formal! With so many handshakes and stuff;

101!!!!! OMGG; though I was a nervous wreck; I WAS SO! SO! GLAD I WAS BACK! I was postively DELIRIOUS!

But dinner was really fab! We could see the night scene of Taipei from where we are and the food was amazing! Love Harrison's mom! She's just wonderful and Harrison's dad a laugh! Telling me so many of his son's anecdotes when he was a little boy:D



Was trying to enjoy this day; to the max as this would be my last full day in Taipei! AW! How I'd miss the place!


Scenery From The Train~
WHY DONT WE HAVE SUCH GORGEOUS scenery in SG?! Everywhere is just stinking buildings)):

BUT! It did make me wonder; if there were tons of crimes committed in the train stations; with such measures:S

Went to Danshui, North of Taipei via the metro and it was such a long journey! I totally slept my way through and when we arrived! The weather was so warm!

AGAIN! We were TOO early! My brother and neighbors had to spend our time and shillings away at the mini arcade! HAHAHA it was so much fun! As many of you would probably know that I hate going to such places!

Loved walking around the old town; with the sights and variety of food! Got the fish crackers which Esther told me to get "at all cost" and I was laden with so much stuff! So early in the morning! HAHAHA

Saw this dog; I think it's a miniature bulldog or something; I think it's face is so squashed! BUT really cute:D

AND THIS PIGGY! HAHA I've never seen a pig in my entire life! So yer; I was fascinated! It's so cute! LOL

And this HUMMER; apparently; it's really, rare or something; it's the closest thing; a civilian can get; to ride in a Tanker; LOL

Went to the infamous Shilin Night Market later on in the evening and it was great! I love the crowd!! And seriously! It's a shame that it's so hot in SG; I would have LOVED to grab all those lovely knits and boots! OMG the boots~ Being a totally shoe whore; HONESTLY! ALL I could do was whine and sigh when I saw the boots!

SOME darling of mine; could have 3 bowls of it:D:D


My brothers and I went off on our own and have dinner and it was great! We had the best food around and then the yummiest Papaya Milkshake to top it off! HAHA



Walked around the food street this time round and I love it! Saw so many different food! LOOK at the sausage!

SERIOUSLY! I dont know who can finish that!

Jason got the famous Chicken Chop thing; and the queue was so so long! BUT! Sorry to burst everyone's bubble but; it doesn't taste as good as we've imagined? Or rather, I, have imagined it to be...

Love this bag of tea; For the quirky packaging and the taste is just fab!

My legs were killing me! And because I'm wearing a dress; ALTHOUGH with tights; it's inconvenient to sit on the steps! And I've got my own CHAIR!

PEACE! My little brother!

Train Station:D It's so dead quiet!

In the train; or the METRO, as the Taiwanese call it:D

HAVE been using this ever since Day 2!

Went back, reluctantly to the hotel and it's sad; to know that the trip is coming to an end; I mean, yer; I can't expect that this will go on forever...

BUT really(: I'd still wna go back to Taipei~

For the food; the shopping; or maybe; it's just got a special place in my heart(: A very special one:D HAHA

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