Common Tests are coming right up!
First paper; next FRIDAY! LAW))):

So before I freak out and before this blog becomes as interesting as a loaf of stale bread as I continue with my revisions; A super LONG post(:

Rehearsal for the IDENTITY GAMES; presentation(:


Char: I have good eye for details; I keep a good control of time

Dicky: I have a good sense of taste & smell(:


YAY! Char's an EVENT ORGANISER & Dickson's a CHEF!

Ley in her dance gear((: She's a STUDENT! Like me; and I was laughing at the height diff! It's so cute!

So the reason for looking like a bimbo and Ley looking like a straight A's JC kid was because we were both stereotyped):

Lol; According to Aud, I'm a "Ms. Rich Kid whose extra curricular activies after school was to change out of my school shoes and go straight shopping.. "

Zzzzz. LOL I was LAUGHING my HEADS off!

According to EVERYONE else; Ley look like a JC student((:

Super SHORT pony tail; CHECK
Short SHORT skirt; CHECK
Ankle Socks + Sneakers; CHECK

We really arent like that; But JC life could really suit LEY(:
I'm in my alma mata, GY tshirt and Ley's wearing a borrowed NYJ uniform(:


Monday was lovely((: Felt so loved by my friends as they gave me 3 chunks of Subway cookies and this bag of crunchy seaweed(:

Thanks Sebastian! Ley & Esther!

Ley accompanied me to the Post Office on TUESDAY; as I had to ship off my PARCEL to HARRISON:D:D SO sorry for the delay! And yes; I had to lug sooo many things to the post office on foot!

Had our lunch and then we went to the library @ Bishan and it was QUITE productive(: We honestly did study!

(That's the box of Meiji crackers which I got her; it's SUPER; YUMMY! And so cute! And yesss; She's holding MY; baby photo(: Isn't it adorable:D:D)


Was blog hopping when I saw this on
Ley's blog...

You gave me feelings that I adore.
When you held me in your arms,
I feel your warmth...

ARGH; I should make it mandatory for people to stop putting such; such; lovely; but bittersweet stuff where I could see them)):

Anyway; Sarang Hae(:

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