Went over to pastor's place today as we had a gathering with the poly and jc people(: IT was great fun! We made our own popiahs and kueh pad tees and the food was just fab!

The girls started playing Cranium and Taboo and everything was just. LOL crazy! The way we described the words and did the charades and "humdinger"~ Gosh! Can't believe I didnt know how to hum to "Stand By Me"~ It's like; I should go knock on the wall or something!

Still! 3 cheers for Aunty Anna, Jana, Sabrina, Jeslin!! We won in Taboo:D:D hahaha

Darling Bronwyn was such a cutie; licking all our feet and jumping on us; leaving her hair on all of us and esp those we were wearing black or dark colored clothes.

That's her interrupting a game of Bridge; I WNA LEARN HOW TO PLAY THAT~ But it seems so~ Complicated! LOL

From left: Aunty Anna, Shirley, Jeslin, ME(:, Janine, Sabrina, Sandy, Emily, Jana, Pamela & Valerie
Ps/ A PRIZE to those we could guess who are sisters in the picture! LOL

From left: Peter, Yuxuan, Pastor Simon(:, Ben, Aaron, Kenneth, Gerald.
SAME THING; A prize for those who guessed which pair are brothers! Lol our church have got tons of cousins and siblings and whatnots! HAHA

Fellowship was awesome; Talked about everything from celebs to soccer; to GREEK:D and OF COURSE! The US conspiracy theories! My God~ I'm honestly never gna see Obama & Ophrah in the same light agains:S

Still, it was fab! I wna go early the next time and learn how to bake those yummy cookies which some of the girls made today((: WOULD Love to do this sometime again!

Okay; I know today's post isn't up to standard; but i feel so horrid now~ Tired and sticky; Gross I know! SG is so hot and HUMID! Bahh! I NEED MY AIR CON UNIT!

It's SUNDAY tomorrow! YAY! FINALLY! Shall sleep early then! Church's tomorrow!


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