Had French yesterday((: And I'm proud to say that I haven't really lost touch with French~ At least; not as much as I feared. The instructor, Mon. Benoit asked me in French, what time do I wake up on a typical Sunday morning and I replied, 8am, because I got to jog~ Geez. I wish?! It were real; at least for EVERY Sunday morning~

**For those who are savvy enough; you'd probably know WHY I picked this particular song for my blog((: Aw I wished it were a Sunday morning now!


{Geez; I smile TOO hard sometimes :/ Bleugh! But Esther's cute isnt it?:D}

Anyhow, went to this noodle place beside Prata House near my place with Esther and Yina for dinner and it was fun! Though they kept talking about lousy GPAs and stuff! *Stress* I'm only glad to be improving; albeit a small one; No matter what my GPA is (I'm just glad it's above 3!)


Saw something so so sweet on
Ley's blog;

Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength,
while loving someone deeply gives you courage.

This is so so true...

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