So after school's out on Friday, Char, Esther & I made our way down to the Old Supreme Court right next to Padang and we had a wild time, looking at the exhibits participating in Biennale 2008.

We had to do this for a write up required for the following week's SPM tutorial and it was about arts appreciation(: One may presume art to be drawing on canvas but the exhibits were everything BUT that. Once we've handed up the assignment; I'll def post up some of my favorite exhibits and you maye be amazed that some of them were even considered "art". So it's pretty interesting(:

(I shan't expose what this is~ But yer; This IS Art; LOL)

Char was the camerman for the day and she honestly went snap happy. SHE was like in her own world; snapping while Esther & I just went about our won business and "appreciating"; But we did make our own video(: SO do watch out for that!

We walked over to Marina Sq for dinner at Lerk Thai; And it was awesome! Haven't had Thai food in ages and the Tom Yam was of course! The best!

Went for a little bit of shopping AND! Esther got me to buy this dress from Topshop! AW; if she hadn't suggested going in there; I would NOT have seen the dress which I wanted to get from ages ago hanging on the sales rack~ Gosh~ SO! Hahaha

Moral of the Story: It's bad to go shopping with an undiagnosed Shopaholic!


Saw this outside Billy Bombers:

LOL! This is so friggin lame; But funny; Too bad; It wasn't Obama doing the "Welcoming"~ But you can totally picture McCain in the chef's hat and everyhing:/ LOL Yer; that goes to show how much of a Republican supporter I am:S LOL

OH! And honestly! A candy bar to the 1st person who could guess what is this device used for!! No bribing of Char or Esther alright! HAHA


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