We had the SPM event yesterday and it was awesome! Seeing the students listening attentively and being genuinely interested in what we've prepared just made everything we've done and worked so hard for in the past 1 1/2 month so worth it!

It was so much fun being with the some of the class; and especially people whom I dont usually talk to in past semesters (sad; but true fact). It was awesome getting to know them all much better; (I'm sure you'd know who you are; HAAH)

Gorgeous Samantha and Weijian, Our GRECIAN mascots; STAR ATTRACTIONS:D:D I was SO positively JUMPING when I saw how beautiful they both looked in their DIY togas:D:D


This morning started off HORRID for me. My mom woke me up unceromoniously and when I jumped back into bed; the bridge of my ALREADY flat nose hit my cell right on the corner! (I've fallen asleep with it on my bed as I was waiting for a text:S)OUCH was pretty much of an understatement when I blacked out momentarily as I was barely conscious~

It still HURTS now; at 2237; when I touched my nose bridge):

THEN; I though everything was fine as I had my breakfast and went to school in the car with dad; Class was at 8; and I've reached at like. 7:45? I WAS EARLY! YAY isnt it? And I've waited and waited and waited as more and more people gather outside class. Waiting for my lecturer who was VERY late.

In the end, someone called the lecturer at like, 8:20, AND LECTURER was like,

"OH, I thought class was at 9?!"

GOSH, when that guy came, something was amiss. On my schedule, it was written that my instructor was a ESTHER GOH, and that lecturer standing in front of me, and the entire class was male;

Curiously enough, EVERYONE in class had a certain handbook with FIRE HAZARD thingy printed on it's cover.

I had signed up for INTERCULTURAL COMMUNICATIONS; not some FIRE HAZARD class~ That's when I've collected myself and asked the girl behind me.

THEN; I realised, I had waited close to 45mins, OUTSIDE a class, a class which was called HBM; WHATEVER THAT MEANS. I was beyond~ I dont know. OMGGG. Didnt even came close to my mind. It was~ I was in the totally WRONG building, and by the time I went up the hill to the other building, I've jumped right into the WRONG class.

"ARE you here for GAMES?"

F. R. E. A. K.

Obviously not. I was POSITIVELY delirious by the time I found my DEAREST Esther GOH. AND I couldnt be more GRATEFUL for the fact that I was in the right class, learning about Intercultural Communications~


Your worst days are never so bad that you are beyond the reach of God's grace.

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