It's my dad's 47th birthday on 18 Oct 08 and it was just the MOST unforgettable birthday for him and the whole family in so many aspects!

As it was a Saturday; the 4 of us basically had to force him to stay home with us and NOT go to work; ( Yes; sadly enough, the 5day work week does not apply to him). So being a healthy freak; my dad had to go exercise in the morning and I volunteered and decided to drag my entire family to Bukit Timah Hill for a bit of trekking:D:D

The morning was perfect! I was all for a bit of "mountain" climbling and fresh air was doing so much wonderful stuff for my brain!

Anyway; my brothers and I went off the track and as I was climbing the even steps to get to the top; I was wheezing and breathing so hard! ( I was THAT unfit!)
So I thought everything was over because everything would be downhill from the summit but then! My dad had to suggest that we go down by an alternate route.

So we went off the tarred path and stepped onto the muddy and mucky path~ It was just FAB! Seriously, without the leeches and bugs, the track was perfect! Stepping here there and everywhere! I havent done this for ages and it was thrilling doing such trekking all over again in SG of all places!

Unfortunately; the path leads to another place! (Somewhere which we are not going!!!! We were LOST! In a way~~) And my mom have had enough of trekking and I guess it was due to dehydration but she felt faint all of a sudden!

We were alone as a family with 3cells between us; and water. No medication, no nothing and she was getting worse and she couldnt walk and could barely talk. ( I'm not exaggerating; it was THAT horrid!) So, J made the decision to call the police to get the number for the ranger and after like 30mins? We got a call from the police, medics, and rangers.

During the 30mins, we got so much help from passers by who offered their water, oinments and their words of care and concern! It was albeit touching, to see such lovely people in our midst and people who ACTUALLY offered to help my dad carry my mom to the next nearest shelter in which they had to climb like. 200 flights of stairs! ( No joke!)

Those 3 guys who helped were positively winded. But they still perservered! It was heart warming! We waited for the medics to arrive and my mom's vital stats were normal! ( Thank God!) And they had to carry here UP the hill, to the summit on a stretcher which requires 8 people to carry! We got some help from the wonderful students from SMU's Trekking Club and the original 3guys; along the way, the fire fighters came in their jumpers and orange helmets and the effort put in the help my mom were commendable!!

After like a 1km hike up to the summit; they put her in the Red Rhino and basically sped down to the base with the siren wailing. It was SURREAL. Honestly!! It's rather unbelievable but THERE! It happened. After much rest and glucose; THANKFULLY, my mom got better!! And I would like to take this opportunity to thank each and everyone who had helped us along the way!

Without you; we would probably be stuck in the forest till like; night fall or something:S
So, Thank You(:

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