Had a really awesome time on Saturday when I went off with my family to have a great dinner! I was craving for some Japanese and my dad brought us to Shokudo at Raffles City where we could order whatever we want~ It was. P.E.R.F.E.C.T. !!!

The 1st thing I got was my staple of course! Cold, yummy bowl of macha (green tea) SOBA! I've kinda gotten used to the coldness of the dish and THEN! I dragged Quan to the sashimi counter where I got my fav! TUNA & Tako!

(Missed *you* like mad when I was ordering this because of our insane, shared liking for sashimi; aw.)

Wagyu Beef Burger:D

YUMMY! Japanese fried rice wrapped in a soft layer of omelette! It's salty but extremely TASTY!

Ordered some other sushi and Quan got his soft shell crab hand roll (HIS obsession!)
The table was just. FILLED of food. Seriously. It's sinful but; like chocolate; it's extremely satisfying:D


Anyway; school's in session today!
It's kinda horrid to wake up in the morning; with the mentality that we have to face lectures and tutorials in the weeks to come; with Christmas holidays as the candy we all have to work towards.

With the SPM project launching this Wednesday; there were many loose ends to tie up and we had to head towards Clementi to get our materials. We got our lovely tarts! We had to get like; 200 of those yummy treats and we got got a discount! Which is fab for our accounts!

PLUS; we have to get the fabric for our MASCOTS! And due to our budget; we tweaked out brains a wee bit and with our creative minds! WE CAME UP WITH THIS!


Okay; I'll come back with more pictures from the set up TOMORROW! JY 04!!!

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