Was working over the weekend at the crazy F1 Night Race event and honestly. It was crazy! The long hours standing on my feet made me crave for a massage so so much and the hot and humid condition just make me sweat like no bodies' business! It was insane scrambling around looking for clothes and accessories and the constant talking and stooping and bending was back breaking!

From left; Rachel Eunice Michelle Melody & I((: On one of our rare few moments for peace & quiet during the breaks!
"Smoky Eyes Gone Wrong at The End of the Day=p" HAHA

However; it was pretty cool being able to interact with these crazy McLaren fans and it was just. Pure joy for me to bask in their accents and what nots! (Clearly enough; I DO NOT have any forms of xenophobia. Haha!)

RAD Ferrari Ladies!
Official Firefighters! Macho Macho=p HAHA! ( It was funny the way I got this shot cos I was so shy and Rach was the one who asked them for me=p HAHA!)

The AWESOME Singers ( Who performed this song on my blog right now:D)

Hearing the cars zoom by on the tracks was surreal but after a whilel; It becomes just noise. But standing right by the track and seeing those colorful cars zoom by was. Amazing! (And I watched it for free=p)

Three CHEERS For Lewis!

WE WERE SO EXCITED!! HAHAH (And I swear my eardrums were working overtime! IT WAS SO LOUD! + NO EARPLUGS!)


I've never seen such a huge collection of the uber rich in one place before and being behind the counters gave me a chance to be part of their crazy lives! The rate which they pick out their stuff was amazing and for some. Their piles were as high as their child and the till had the KER-CHING up to the max! LOL! This guy from South Africa bought like 8 caps which costs $70 each and more stuff! So you can imagine~~ HAHA! It's insane!


Kallang Train Station @ 0030.

It was so heartwrenchingly sad for Rach & I; ESPECIALLY when we have tired and on our way home)): AW! Mel & Eunice had le boyfs with them AND they had to go lying on their shoulders.


HAHAH LOL! I sound like some kind of old maid! AW you guys should have been there to spy on them! They were just the sweetest:D:D


Well, anyway I was back to my real world after this and I had a blast being with the 04 people at Mayfair Condominium. BEING able to use the Multipurpose Room was genius and the NGs takes were achingly funny! I was doubling over so so much and our leads~ Dickson & Zhesong were just entertaining us for free! LOL I promise I'll post some of the videos up!

Anyway! GOOD JOB GUYS! Had so much fun with you all that day and lunch was just fab!

As for LEY! I've finished the movie and it was so funny(: Aw; Hope you had a great dinner at Sakura's cos I had my fab Japanese dinner today=p Heehee (^_^)

AND I'm going back to the office today! Aw; I'll def miss that place when I'm gone~

ANYWAY! Jason was in one of his baking moods again and he did one of the most amazing Cinnamon Cookies EVER!

I added the chocolate chips on some of the cookies and they looked so cute and tastes as amazing! We were watching AFC yesterday and he PROMISED to make some of the yummy Scandinavian dishes soon!! WOOTS! Meatballs anyone?!((:

I'm glad to have a budding young chef for a brother:D:D

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