Brought my laptop to work today and I was meddling with my documents when~ I accidentally deleted ALL my documents; pictures, past assignments and all my other, little extras~

I just felt this overwhelming sense of loss~ Like, what am I supposed to do now? Those pictures?! Just gone without a trace~ I guess that's technology for you...

Somehow I just felt that what if I've lost all my memories for real, tomorrow when I wake up? I wouldn't have anything for me to help me... Jog my memory~~ I wouldnt have any recollection of who my loved ones and friends are~~

That's a depressing thought:/

I'll be working at the F1 event in Singapore, at the Mercedes booth with some of the girls and I just got back from the breifing. Our eyes are drawn to resemble that of Catwoman's and we would have to wear heels like almost the entire day and whatnots.

Seriously, it's insane~ I dont know what am I supposed to think about such an arrangement but; Owell, it will be over soon enough~ In 3days and I'll be a couple of hundreds dollars richer~ Hahah c'est la vie~ For us mere mortals who have to slog our way to earn our keeps!

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