Was talking to my darling fb just now when I saw his new haircut!
(For most of the people out there~ I'm really sorry~ But my urge to blog about this just came up=p)


Utterly random~ But he's a close part of my life; So I thought I have the right to show him off on my blog. HAHA.



Went over to Carlton Hotel just now for a "Study in USA" seminar and I walked away being so.. Overwhelmed by facts and all~

It was rather daunting; going right up to the Admission Officers and hearing them talk about their school but it is as close to the real thing as I've got.

I still have no idea if I would want to get an MBA in Business or a Hospitality program but I DO KNOW; that being Poly Graduates; That would make me a Transfer Student and that would be a boon or a bane. Depending on how you look at it;

Right now; I'll just have to keep my options open~ AND my fingers crossed. I STILL have no idea if the College Route is the right one for me but starting work immediately after graduation in April 2010 is one option I would
rather not look into:S

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