So we decided to go over to the SG Flyer in the evening since it was such an awesome day and we would like to do something special and sadly; SG Flyer was it): LOL We had awesome steak at Jack's Place)):

Apparently, my family is sick of Outback Steakhouse)): *BOO* The most wondeful steak is from Outback!!! So anyhow; I got my tenderloin done medium rare and yum~ Okay; I'm feeling a little hungry now. Seriously! I've been noticing my diet and I realise that I ALWAYS ALWAYS LOVE to binge on steak and sushi/sashimi on weekends! LOL!

So; back to Jack's Place; I wanted to order some oysters because I was craving for the aphrodisiac; Hahaha BUT apparently; they dont serve them raw): [ See how BAD that place is?! *TSK*] And I had to order some escargots in which my little brother was TICKLED by the special tongs used to skew the snails!!

HAHA! After the satisfying dinner; we were shopping around and THEN we made our way to the Flyer. We had to go past the Ritz and it was amazing! the foyer was gorgeous and I saw this lady in this gorgeous crimson dress!

We went right to Build a Bear Workshop because my little brother wanted to MAKE A BEAR for this girl NAMED SARAH! ARGH. And he claimed that she's "a friend!"

Yer RIGHT! I'll.. Do something drastic; if that's the case! He fretted over the bear to get and he fretted more when he had to choose the bear's outfit!

Giving the bear a SHOWER! (This Was HILARIOUS!)

TADA! Dressing the bear in the chosen outfit! Quan chose this CUTE Piglet overalls! It so so CUTE!

Choosing of the names((:

And here's Sugar BEAR((:

Tell me?! Which 14 year old guy would go through ALL those trouble just to get a gift for "a girl"? NONE?! That's the answer! It was HILARIOUS! To see my little brother doing all those stuff to the bear! Putting on the clothes, rubbing the little heart in his palm to keep the darling bear warm and toasty and to give a bear a SHOWER! (NO KIDDING!) And to put on the clothes and to choose a name! (SUGAR BEAR; YUPP I came up with the front; he added the "bear") LOL!

(The PROMISE he had to make before leaving the store! LOL!)

Just enjoy the video!

AW! HE made me wna get a stuffed wonder toy of my own too! And I loathe stuffed toys!! Go figure!


Anyway; the Flyer was fab! You had to hop onto the cabin as it is moving and off you go into the sky! The night scenery of SG was amazing! Those gorgeous lights go on for as long as your eyes and see and it is just kinda fun; snapping tons of photos with your brother as a photographer and it should be kind of romantic I guess(:

It was kinda cheesy the way the PA announced that you are at the "top of the world" when the cabin was at maximum height but is was thrilling to just look down onto everything and to look up and see the stars! We had the cake on my dad's "lunar" birthday a couple of days ago and it was fab! But I will do it and the unveiling of his gift in another post!!

My lovely family((: (Apologies for the blurry pic!)

Sometimes; in the midst of everything; You take everything for granted and forget how beautiful Singapore really is((: Sad but very true~

How the Marina Bay IR will look in 2010:D Aint it gorgeous?!(((:

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