I Feel So Accomplished TODAY!

Okay; The day started off really bad because I was late; REALLY late today.

But; other than that; Everything went on smoothly(: We worked hard at our banner and seriously! It was gorgeous! I'm probably biased; But I have the right to be:D:D I slogged my guts out. Okay; We~

My dearest Yuxue, Cat &


The Gorgeous BUT Expensive Acrylic Paint(:

We went back to the ancient times and started sewing the cutesy alphabets to the gorgeous colored cloth


And then; we started taping the masking tape for the border and then painted the rich gold color around it(: The STENCIL! Well, it was the Fred Perry logo; but honestly. We had to print them on tranparancies and. THEN! It comes the question of using a penknife to carve the stuff out. That WAS hard work and yer! KUDOS to my 3 girls((:

AMAZING huh?!(((:

It was just. Breath taking; Seeing the work in action~ Aw; I'm really thankful for the 3 of them who helped made this happen(: The finale was just. Aw; I was so proud of what we've done I was busy showing it off and hanging onto it! Hahaha!


Right after the project. I didnt wna go home so early yet. LOL I just wna hang out because school's in session next week!

Cat, Esther & I hightailed to AMK HUB and the bus trip was full of. Debates about guys who are jerks in general and when should a girl ditch a guy SHOULD they do something so devastatingly wrong. Hahaha! OUR VIEWS ARE SO DIFFERENT I TELL YOU!

It was really fun and dinner was yummmy((: But I think I've contracted some sort of minor food posioning cos my tummy hurt like crap immediately after that~

We went to get our desserts after that(: I've got my fix of yummy Mango Snow ICE((: aw; ANYWAY; my mom said that you can ONLY get this in KAOSHIUNG, TW; is that true?! Meaning no other places in TW sell this stuff? IS IT TRUE?!

Owell; while the other 2 DURIAN people got their Durian pancake thing. HAHA! ( I rmb taking a picture of them! But I cant find the picture on my cell!)

OKAY; so I shall end it like that for today(:
But before I forget! To the special someone(((:

Poposhipo Too♥♥♥

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