The Day After

SO; My dad's birthday was kind of like a Christmas celebration thing cos he actually opened his pressies the day AFTER this birthday; kind of like Boxing Day! HAHA

So I was the one in charge of getting my dad's gift and it was after a bit a shopping before I decided to get this long sleeved shirt from Banana Republic. First of all; it was TOUGH shopping for a guy and my dad doesnt really want anything~ Cept for that odd pair of shoes and tons of socks! (He runs through socks like no body!)

Anyway; my mom and brothers hated the long sleeved shirt as my dad doesnt really wear them; He prefers short sleeves; so yer; I was kinda upset when I heard they hated it! Cos I thought the shirt was gorgeous!

However; my dad loved this shirt and I "forced" him to take off the polo he was wearing and put on the shirt! Aw; I may be biased but; I have the right to be:D:D He's my dad! And he look so good!


OH! And we kind of got out the wine with Harrison got for my dad when he was in SG and it was perfect! My dad loved the bittersweetness and tanginess of the Australian Shiraz and I got to get abit of the wine too! It was absolutely delish! So HAIRYSON! You can breathe easy! LOL


Anyway; tomorrow's a new school week and the schedule for tomorrow is insane!! 9am to 6pm with a one hour lunch break in between!!


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