Went to church yesterday and one of the cute girls had on those colorful sparkly nails(: haha Aw; reminded of me when I was little and had those cute stuff too and getting away with it. hahaha

In order to "Save the Earth!" and cut down the money spent on styrofoam cups; we all had been given one plain white Ikea mug and we had to design our own unqiue mugs(: Which will be sent to baking in the kiln to glaze it;

Spent like 45mins on my design and FINALLY! I had my masterpiece:D:D hahaha

Caught Mamma Mia! With my brothers last week and it was awesome! I grew up listening to ABBA's music; kudos to my Dad and I just had a great time singing to my brother! LOL; The movie appeals to people who loves ABBA and if you hate them or any form of musicals; This isnt the right kind of movie for you as it is loaded with

Cheese & Cheese & MORE Cheese~ HAHA

Went to the Arcade right after the movie and we sw this cute family of 4 playing on the machines. They were a really young couple and their daughters are like maybe 4/5 years old? LOL! The dad was cheating and he slid into that gap and started aiming the colorfull balls at the screen; killing cute elephants and lions and bugs and bees! LOL


Went to school for project in the morning and had an awesome discussion with Mrs. Lim; absorbed so much stuff from her and I have high hopes for our project(((:

It was awesome working with parts of the class and the team work we had just~ touched me((: JY everyone! Let's all go all out to do our best with our Roman Bath THEME;

HAHA; Let's just look foward to Weijian and Sam in their lovely Ancient Roman TOGAS:D:D

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