Was talking to a couple of people just now (You know who you are!)Thanks for being there with me 2 dearies~ Even if one of you didnt really reply to my rantings):

I have something that I need to get off my chest and that is:

Those who helps you to grow and those whom you will miss to bits for no apparent of a reason; They are really, really hard to come by~

Internship is coming soon and I assume that for our class; we will be the 1st cohort to go off~ I'm really excited to have such a wonderful chance to go overseas ( most probably) to see if hospitality suits me

But I'm really scared and rather apprehensive to see and know who are those people whom I will really miss and think of when I'm away...

During this short semester break~ I can already sense some sort of~ Drifts with some of the people whom I am truly concerned about~ And it's only 1 1/2 mths~ Wouldnt 6mths just be the death of things?

I really want to try and grab hold of EVERYONE who meant a smidge of something to me but I dont know how am I supposed to go about doing just that if you wouldnt let me...

I really miss you;

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