SO! FINALLY! All projects were completed and presented and I guess this semester; nothing seems to go smoothly at all~

Well, in the beginning, everything seems pretty fine. And then we realised that for LAM; we had to go down to Clarke Quay and Boat Quay a million times and walk around endlessly.

{One of the VERY first time when we went Boat Quay; When LIVES were albeit; SIMPLER}

THEN, when it comes to project submissions; ALL the friggin printers in school broke down and we had to cut and paste and glue the colored photos to our projects. etc etc. ))):

FOR accounting; I guess, what sucks is the fact that we cant go to Christy and have our project consultation due to a clash in schedule and we had to phone my aunt and ask HER instead; those pressing questions. THE trip down to my Dad's office in Jurong with LEY is not exactly a bed of roses either.

my lovely 04!!

OWELL, BUT it ended off with the most fan fare as we had to dress up to the nines in our blazers (mine; borrowed and a several sizes too big) and had to get our pictures taken and our outfit and make up evaluated:S

the people
whom i stayed up late

with!! WE DID IT!!

For CEM; WOW DAY ended off with a bang and it was fun tying up balloons, holding onto the strings to stop them from flying off to the ceiling decorated with pretty chandeliers and Hotel Intercontinental is prettyyy(:

The kids were a fun bunch and it seems like ages ago when I was that age; TR04 Evaluation was perfect(: with Aud, Esther, Mel, Ley and I completing it in record timing((: *CLAP CLAP*

{SNAPSHOT of what you should expect;p}

NOW; BEST OF LUCK to the video team who have GOT a FABULOUS story board((: Can't wait for the un-veiling on Wednesday(: For now; it's just. BLOG ALL I CAN TIME; cos finals are fast approaching. Seriously; with modules like Accounting and Principles of Marketing; I dont know if I could maintain my GPA. Owell; I'll just do my very best and leave everything up to God((:

IS going out to ESTHER(((:
I've a great time at Taka with Mel + boyf, Ley and Esther yesterday((:

We took tons of crazy photos, videos with all the horrid singings.

I wanted to post up some of the crazy pictures but I guess those on LEY's blog are entertaining enough! CLICK HERE & Have a great laugh!

To CHEER UP YOU my dear; just picture me hamming up for the camera in the toilet and singing this pretty song to you((:

I'm all out of love, I'm so lost without you
I know you were right believing for so long



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