To the discerning reader; you might have noticed that I've left 2days of my fabulous 2weeks out; And I'm gna complete today(((:

Friday 04 07 08
{Wow it's already been a month}

So; I've overslept today; and Esther was like; asking me not to go school and to enjoy my "last day" with hairyson. haha When she said it that way; it was horrible~ LOL. honestly. It was with sudden realisation that. the 2weeks is coming to an end and there's no way you could freeze time and let everyday be Independence Day~

Met up with him, his friend ( Albert) at J8; and we had a lovely lunch at Sakae Sushi. And it was fun picking off the colored plates from the conveyor belt:D

Went off to Plaza Singapura later on and we caught 21! The movie was fab! and especially the locations! Cos i remembered seeing the MIT & Harvard buildings in his pictures from his trip last Thanksgiving holiday to Boston:S IT is pure. ENVYYYY I tell you~~ (AND HE'S GOING NY this time round. SO! grr. hahaha)

We went over to Sengkang to meet up with his friends and we went all the way to Jln Kayu to have the supposedly famous pratas~

The pratas were good~ Seriously. I cant really tell the difference. BUT. hahaah it was fun hanging out with them(: AND i miss hanging on to your hand { even though i know u hated it esp in this weather!}

That night in the little shelter was one of the best things we've ever done it was really really nice; sitting there; talking about so many things. our hopes; and how we shouldnt hope~ hahaha (so sorry if it sounds confusing);

This night is full of~~ memories i guess? I'm trying to cram SO SO many things into my brain.

The way it feels to have you walk me home;
The way it feels to have you hold my hand
The way it feels to have you look at me straight into the eyes
The way it feels to have you give me a goodnight's kiss...

Saturday 05 07 08 { THE DAY}

I promised myself that I HAVE to wake up at 7 to go have breakfast with you; and I'm so proud that I managed to do so((:

The bus stop; the look that morning; i dont know~ it just feels so. weird. that the first time i met up with you for breakfast would be the last. in a long time to come~~

It felt so odd the entire day.. I dont know. I wasnt exactly myself? Maybe I'm a little quieter? I dont know.. aw; you're leaving. I cant feel happy can I? BUT i'm not entirely upset either..

Ba Kut Teh in the morning is.... great in a way. hahaha FOOD makes you a happy man. LOL. really~ I was waiting for the guys at the lobby and I was thinking about the 2wks and the other 2 weeks to come. and then more~

During the wait in the food court; I just. I was pretty calm I guess? No... Weird feeling in my tummy; No.. "I'm gna cry" emotion evoked in me. I just. enjoyed everything. from looking at the cookie jar; to nounou; to the taking tons of pictures. To lying on your shoulder.

The walk down to meet Ley and Esther was weird~ I dont know HOW should I feel.~ Then i saw this hot couple making up at the departure hall and I just. lost it~ God. HAHAHA. it was. i dont know. FREAK going on all inside my brain. hahaha

You're REALLY LEAVING.!!! And within 10mins~
Gave you the hugest hug and my darlings were telling me that I should go give you one last kiss....

Seeing you walk through the gates was~~ I dont know. Words cant express how I feel.

I'm GLAD though; you are going back home and you are going away to study; your future is so amazing.

BUT thinking about the long wait till next year~ I guess; I have to constantly remind myself to go with the flow. AND that's why; I cried in Fish & Co. HAHAH right in the middle of the restaurant~

The 2 weeks have been amazing and I couldnt ask for more. The times we had; I honestly would cherish it and every hug I get now. is just; different as compared to yours(:

I just wna tell you that;

I Love You(:

** OMGG AND This is my 100th ENTRY! It's been a year since I've blogged and honestly, I didnt know that I would continue blogging but i did!!(((: It's awesome really, to see how much I've grown over the year((: Many thanks to those of you who have been reading the random drib drabs of my life(:

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