Honestly, projects are taking our lives, health, and sanity away.

After staying through the night to complete my financial and sectional analysis of Frasers Centrepoint Trust and Capitamall Trust, I felt like; horrible. It was indescribable~

By afternoon, I felt like a walking zombie {looked like one too} and the urge was there for me to yell out and scream~ But I guess, I was too tired to do so...

While walking home, all i wanted to do is have a nice, warm dinner and then crawl into bed; But as the day had been for me; even this simple plan was screwed~

ANYWAY; the night ended off semi- fab(: I decided to cook my own dinner and I just started drawing food out from the frige at random~ Haha, in the end, it was really satisfying; having a meal which is edible, yummy, and prepared COMPLETELY by yours truly((:

*For those who are interested, I've used:
1 Chicken Patty
1 Onion
A Smattering of Black Pepper
1/3 Large Carrot

*Tomorrow's presentation; After that, we got to rush LAM proj;
**Wednesday, LAM proj due, in the evening
***Chip in for the 'WOW' Day report; GO 04!!

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