My uncle passed away yesterday; he was in the advanced stages of lung cancer where no doctors or medicine or chemo could clear the cancerous cells in him~

We knew before hand that he only had a couple of months left to live but it was still sad.. To learn about the news...

Having someone that I love now; I can't comprehend the fact that, someone you love so so dearly, would leave you forever.. Seriously~~ It is scary, thinking about living life as usual~ The grief would probably consume me...

When I look at my aunt; I wonder, how could she take this sudden change, so well~~ They've been living together for a big part of their lives.. They have been sharing so many things together.. How could she stand, living without him; ever again?

During these past months, she has been taking care of him.. Accompanying him during his hospital visits.. She was there for him.. When he was a strong and healthy man, to a weak and frail one.. How must her heart had broke, when she saw his hair all falling off due to chemo..

This song is for the love that they had; and for all the other people too; I was on my way home from the wake when I heard this over the radio..

For better or worse
Till death do us part
I'll love you with every beat of my heart
And I swear...

I hope that should my aunt feel lonely and grieved in the coming days to come, she will recall the love they had and remember the happier times they had. & feel comforted by the thought that, he will always be there, although not in the physical form..

As for my uncle, I know he is in a better place as he is free of the sufferings and discomfits he had when he was alive.. May he rest in peace...

* I feel really loved; thanks for being my sunshine; you never fail to cheer me up whenever I'm down and I love how you always made me smile no matter how gloomy things may be; Thanks for being here(:

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