okay, i know that freedom doesnt necessarily comes with age. but i'm 18, i do deserve some form of. respect and trust from you.

i know, i'm forever late for stuff~ i'm always waking uo late. but; i dont mean to.
i want to change. but i dont know how. alarms just dont wake me up and this morning.
i was just exhausted from the night before. i slept at 4.30* and i'm busy with projects. not from some. movie marathons or anything equally mindless.

i took the cab to school not because i'm too lazy to wait for the bus; but because i'm late for my project presentation. it is NOT a habit. i told you.~ why wont you believe me?

my lateness has already caused my team to be marked down by a grade. ours is not the only group but still~ must you send the horrible text? i know you have the right to do so~ but dont u know; i'm growing up to be a young adult and what you say affects me alot?

and; whatever i;m doing at the quays. are for my school project. i didnt choose the place, it was GIVEN. the horrible timing; ours is not the worst~ and after all that walking and taking of pictures. all i ask for. is like. 20mins for me to sit down and just. rest with my friends before going home. 20mins~~

as the eldest daughter. and your only daugther; i know it's natural you would be more protective of me. and i feel blessed to have your love, care and concern; but i'm growing up now. and i need some... occassional time offs to go off with my friends.

i dont do stupid stuff; i dont drink, get drunk and get really high. i dont come home late EVERY single day of the week.

all i ask for is. a little bit of trust, respect and space. and extra time. for me to truly enjoy that iced vanilla latte which i wna get just now. before that one phone call changes everything)):


I miss this song)): I just wna cherish every moment I have with you and I truly hope that we wont ever quarrel~ Is that possible?

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