Went down to the Quays again today; yes i know. AGAIN. LOL this project is killing the love I have for Clarke Quay. I guess, the phrase, "Absence makes the heart fonder" do ring a certain bell(:

Went down to Central together with my family and after my complaints of having the same old food at the food court, week in, week out; my dad treated us to this FABULOUS Japanese restaurant! (It was my choice though=p)

{At Kyomomoyama}


The tuna at the restaurant was unbelievably fresh and we had something zangy; the Sashimi Salad. There was tuna, salmon, octopus, squid and prawn roe and something unidentifiable amongst the greens and i LOVE the sauce it same in(:

I had my Tenpura Soba and it was the best! A bowlful of organic, buckwheat goodness(:


Met up with the girls later and we've decided to split; So in the end, Mel, Ley and I went down to Boat Quay and Aud & Esther went down to Clarke Quay. So of course! I rained again! Gosh. It is ALWAYS raining when I'm down there and we had to seek shelter. BUT it wasn't so bad because I had my lovelies with me(:

Saw some amazing Fireworks from the National Day Rehearsal and it was so pretty(((: We had tons of fun; fooling around and honestly; I've never felt closer to the girls before(:

Soon, Ley had to go off for her dance and so Mel and I went back to Clarke Quay to look for Aud & Esther(: I was deperately in need for a drink as I was so thirsty and the 1st thing that came into my mind to quench my thirst was Sex on the Beach(:

Hairyson ordered it the other time at Harry's Bar and it was sooo YUMMY! So we were looking around for a bar and we chose Crazy Elephant in the end(:

So i thought, like FINALLY! I could have my drink! And i heard this AWFUL! RIP coming from my feet and OHMIGOSH! It WASN'T my shoes but ESTHER'S!! FREAK! I had spoilt her slippers and she gave me the saddest look ever and the GRIP of her hand on my arm was enough to make me cry out. IT WAS HORRIBLE and thank GOD and the Developer for having Central right next to Clarke Quay or I'll have to take the train to Dhoby Ghaut to get her shoes!

The both of us rushed to Central and we had a Shoe Shopping Marathon. HAHAH; In the end, she got her lovely purple patent peep toe pumps and I fell into temptation and got this pair of BEAUTIFUL Nude strappy heels! It was AWESOME! And it costs only like. $20. Not sure about the quality of the heels but owell! Every girl loves her cheap thrills(:

Rushed back to Crazy Elephant and I ordered my cocktail straight AWAY! Esther got her trusty Long Island Iced Tea and Aud got Iced Mocha as she wasn't feeling too well; {Hope you're better now girlie!} and Mel got her OJ as she wasn't in the mood for anything Alcholic(:

The Live Music was INSANELY LOUD and we had to resort to texting and yelling to get ourselves heard!

Darling Mel & Aud((:

Esther before drinking...

{Esther AFTER finishing her Long Island Iced Tea. HAHAH!}

{ SO SORRY LEY! This is the ONLY picture i have from Saturday:S Aw; BUT You're ALWAYS our FAV! DENCER Y'ALL.}

Okay, *CRINGE* HAHAH I dont know how you guys speak but it is somewhere along the line=p hahaha

All in all, although there were some hiccups in our evening; I still feel so FAB today! HAD great fun with the girls and I LOVE YOU ALL!(((:

Tons of XOXO;

Have an Awesome Sunday Ahead!
For my lovelies and I, it's PROJECT @ AUD's!!!! YAY YAY!

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