okay; so about, 3 weeks ago, Esther and I decided to bake some cookies for harrison because he asked for; and i wanted to bake some yummy goodies for him to remember me by(:

It was surreal, as we had to bake our cookies from scratch and I'm the kind of person who is used to getting my home baked cookies from Famous Amos and Mrs. Field's.

The weighing, and sieving, and mixing were albeit tedious, but i'm so friggin proud of myself(: And i'm eternally grateful to Esther who offered to come and help me with my cookies which are stuffed full of love(: Even my mom chipped in and helped me with the squishing of batter; yes you heard me right. squishing because my electronic batter mixer broke down halfway~ LOL.

In the end; the cookies were made(: and were deemed absolutely delish! By my mom, Esther, Ley, Aud & Mel(: The jar was decorated and I tried my best to make it look good given my limited creativity juices(:

Later on; In the evening...

The SMILE ON HIS FACE(: Made me feel that all that hard work had paid off; and surprisingly; non were charred or badly deformed(:

The ice cream we had later on that night were extra sweet because it's the last night we were ever gna have dinner in a long long while, (so sorry for the depressing statement;) and he sang for me(((:

{Dying of; Embarrassement; According to Hairyson=p But he was awesome((: }

HAHA; it was nice(((: To have someone sing for you(: And i had a wild of my time, picking songs for him to sing(: And it was my idea for him to hold the ketshup bottle; so I'll remember which picture is it; of him, singing for me(((:

I miss you((:

* Back to baking~

So, on Sunday, the day after Harrison left; the girls came over to my place to do project and to bake cookies. HAHAH. This time, it is ALSO to help Mel bakes some awesome cookies; stuffed with love(:

Mel took the trouble to sort the colors and arrange the rainbow icing to words~ GOSH; KAHENG! YOU BETTER APPRECIATE THIS!!!

The amount of flour and butter and sugar that we used were crazy and the me; the person in charge of mixing the batter because of my faulty electronic mixer; had such a fun time building muscles in my forearm.

Using the word, "ALOT" to describe the amount of batter; is seriously, an understatement~

And right after the cookie fever; my mom had transformed into the Domestic Goddess she was when i was little; When i was young, I used to have so much fun baking with her and my brothers and we would have the time of our lives, throwing flour at each other; much to my mom's dismay~

Somehow, all that came to a hiatus and THEN; she's back to baking; 1st, she baked the lovely vanilla cakes very much like the ones she would bake when we were little; and then she did COOKIES which were insanely YUMMY! THEN; an hour ago, she made me try her pizza which she made from scratch. I MEAN, WHO BAKES PIZZA FROM SCRATCH?! WOW. i was blown away! And was resenting the fact that; she could have at least; taught me how to do my own=p haha

True, the pizza may not be as good as the ones you get outside and the pizza base may be thick, this pizza may not have a crust and tomato sauce, sausage, onion and minced meat may be ALL the ingredients found on the pizza BUT, it is

Mommy's Love(:

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