So, I've promised that there will be a massive post about my awesome 2weeks once hairyson left. and he did))): Last Saturday afternoon. At 1300h.

Did i cry? HAHAHA of course i didnt. Now, dont get all. upset and disappointed that I do not have an ounce of. romanticism in me. Because i did cry over my fish; during lunch.

God! The songs, the stuff Esther and Ley said just. switched on the water tap in me~

MONDAY 23 June

His side profile(:

Awful; 1st picture tgt. We were HONESTLY. awkward!! haha look at my messed up hair?! yuck)):
My 1st TIME meeting up with him nearly drove me up the wall! I was so. nervy i couldnt sit properly and none of the words on the menu came through to me. When the food finally came, i couldnt even chew properly and even if i did, I cant open my mouht to put the yummy slice of sashimi in~ hahha

I know; way to go!! I'm 18!! and i'm still behaving like a 15 year old. owells. I havent seen YOU, at all. before. properly. in the eye. And this sentence caused Esther to label me a "mistress" of yours because it seemed like some kind of. dodgy relationship. hahaha.


Met up with hairyson's mom and dad today(: hahaha
IT WAS NERVES x 10 today! GOD! hahaha.

It was so fun! Walking from Suntec to Fullerton with you(: I've never seen a guy. Who had so much issues with the weather. BUT i guess, i dont know of any other guys who came back from a climate which had a temperature of around -10 deg celsius to 24 deg celsius~ haha

I LOVE IT when you trip over. hahaha It is probably the most fun thing to happen to the chef the entire day and dont feel embarrassed. It cracked me up more than anything! But really. You're clumsy! hahaha

Oh hairsyon! if you're reading this with your mom in the vicinity, tell her that i say she's really pretty(: haha!


MY TREAT TODAY(: THURSDAY IS AMAZING. and i spent the whole day with you(: Whenever i go Borders now, i'm gna miss the seeking i have to go through, to look for you((:

We had a long long lunch. Over yummy sandwiches and a cup of too sweet Iced Chocolate~ LOVED the CK perfume you gave me and the Little Box of I LOVE You was just. so sweet(:

GET SMART was funny. and it was great! Seeing you smile. and laugh out(: haha
basically. i can see you staring at me okay?! hahahaha i love you(: and i will miss watching movies with you for sure!

SHOE SHOPPING was so fun! the heels were so high and spindly~ i cant even walk properly. YETTTTT! HE'S TALLER THAN ME!!! Okay, i know hairyson's 182/183. HUGE DIFFERENCE if you were to use the metric system. Owells. BUT> AT LEAST LET ME be as tall when i;m wearing a 5 INCH Heel!!There's still like maybe. a difference of 3/4 Inches when i'm wearing the highest heels. God. Hahaha

But that’s why I love you(:

Me going snap happy(:


READing one of the 40 cards hairyson gave me in a box(: I Love You(:

The Tapas Tree was just. Fab!! Wholesome, Spanish food. Yum(: The portion of rice was insanely huge but it was satisfying(: haha I’m just a glutton:p That song that played; my favourite; do you remember what it was? Moonriver(: aw; I could listen to it for hours and think of nothing but you(((:

FRIDAY 27 June

Met up with my secondary school mates. Who were ALL. HIS friends. The small dinner was fab! The wholesome goodness of stingray and satays and sugar cane drinks(: As usual~ We got teased big time. and What was. so. blush inducing was the fact that the shop owners are all. looking as us~ hahaha!



Seriously. I wanted to shrivel up and die. BUT owells, you were there with me(: We're a team(: hahaha. The girls and guy got the picture they want. Went home, satisfied(:

But can i just say that our photos suck?! hahaha OMG. AWKWARD IS WRITTEN ALL OVER OUR FACE AND THE BODY LANGUAGE!! LUN!! POKES***** I WANT CLAIR's PRETTY PIC SOOON! zzzomg~ ps/ dont murder me with your eyes when u see this pic. hahaha!

Saturday 28 June

GOLFGOLFGOLF!!! GUYS; don’t make fun of golf. Ever. It is so. Insanely. Complicated and hitting the tiny ball is not as simple as you think. And it takes more than a few swings. You have to do it. With grace. Or you’ll end up twisting your back.(SILENT HAH=p)

It is so. Embarrassing at 1st; seeing how wonderfully hairyson and his friend, Albert played. I, am someone who had NEVER. Touched a golf club ever. In my entire. 18 years of my life. The 1st shot was pathetic. The ball. Barely rolled a metre and then it went off the deck. God. Hahaha

HOPING with all my life that i WONT miss my shot!

FEELING kind of annoyed that i suck at golf. LOOK AT MY FACIAL expression! hahaa

But I had a great instructor(: and my best shot was maybe 75m? HEY it IS pretty awesome for me! Hahaha The feeling when I see the little ball take off. Was. Amazing((((: I DID IT!!!


MASSIVE supper after that. I SWEAR. I’ve gained a couple of kilos after the 2 weeks. Hahaha. It was great though. Walking home after that from the driving range(: I would miss that))):

Love this pic to bits! Although my hair is kind of. messed up): bleugh.

SUNDAY 29 June

YOU LOVE THAT FLORAL DRESS! Hahaha I was surprised that HE would(: I love shopping with hairyson(: aw, that black coat from f21 was tempting. And it made me felt so wistful. I don’t think I have ever told him that. But I would love. LOVE to walk across the quad. Covered with snow. With him(: I would probably see him slip and fall. Again. That KLUTZ; but. Aw. I think it would be the best thing ever. Could I just have ONE day with you? For that to happen?!

So tell me everyone! Is his eyes opened or closed?! I CANT TELL! hahah omg!

But i love this smile best(((:

Monday 30 June

Now you see!! Which guy would chat on the cell on their. 5th 1st date?!! ))): haha=p

Those SPECIAL, HARD to use, Escargot tongs(((:

Yummy Dinner @ Spaghetties(((: Whatever. I think i got the spelling wrong. hahaha

Day before you were supposed to meet up with my parents(((: Seeing you sweat over this is so much fun! Reminded me of how I was. A week ago. Haha! The escargots during dinner was awesome! Had fun figuring how to use the special tongs(: I love my baked pasta and because I don’t have the means to whip up a dish of my own(: I hope you’ve had an awesome, carbo loaded dinner(:

Harry’s Bar was. Just. Awesome. I wish I could do that every day with you)): it was just. The best. Before you came back from the States, I’ve always envisioned us. Sitting at a café and doing nothing but just chat. And THEN. It materialized and became reality. It was so surreal. Sitting there. And watching the replay of the finals of Euro 2008. While sipping our cocktails(: at least I think that is what it’s called. Whatever. I got my Mardi Gras, hairyson got his Sex on the Beach which is YUMMMMMY. I could finish the entire glass but I would feel like some kind of. Alchoholic. And. Pig. Haha WHICH GIRL steals their fb’s drinks?!

Tuesday 1 July

THE DAY! HAHA Hairyson came down to Ngee Ann today and he was supposed to meet up with the girls but okay. it was a little awkward! hahaha Mel! the sporting one((: took a picture with him and HE WAS A GIANT okay!? LOL omg.

He's 183, I'm 168.

He's 183, She's 153.

Okay, i went snap happy. Seriously. At Coffee Club. OMGGG. Tons of pictures! So. yer. i think i;m insanely crazy over you(: haha!


And this look= COULD YOU STOP TAKING SO MANY PICTURES! hahaha I think there's like. maybe 50 pictures alone? of him sitting in Coffee Club!hahaha

The dinner was AWESOME((: it was weird; but at least. everyone chatted(: and had fun over ice cream in the end(((:



I Love the Menu! BUT there is just. limited choices. which is bad): BUT i got my foie gras in the end(; YAYYYY! AFTER SO LONG! I got to know how GROSS goose liver taste like! I dont care if it comes with truffle oil. the 1st few mouthfuls was alright. and then. i thought i was gna die frm bile and fat and whtever that is found in the liver- overdose.

My waffle tastes so good with you around((:

Wednesday 2 July

I cant believe he's HERE!!


Hey AUD(: hahaha!

CHANCE SHOT!! Ley's Weirdo Idea. and WHO kisses like that?! EVER?! hahaha

My Tall Hairyson(: I love you(: haha

With his long legs (rolls eyes; i;m jealous!) I forgot that he couldnt cramp into the small seats on the bus! hahaha! I feel so bad! BUT i guess it's a SMALL price to pay for being so TALL! I WANT!!

He came over to NP Library maybe like. 40mins before French(: hahaha It was so much fun!!! Felt really bad. for making him wait. but he entertained himself by watching bad rugby and reading a good golf magazine. haha

aw; i'm really gna miss that one day when u walk me home frm skl. aw. it's only like. 5minutes. but. the feeling is like. it made me all warm and toasty.(((:

Longhouse was awesome! I've never eaten so much! LOL the food was yummy. oily. unhealthy! but it was awesome(: eating with you(: aw. You're leaving in 3 days' time):

Okay, So i have got some of Thurday night's pictures in my other SD card; so; i'll only do the rest of Thurs, Friday and Saturday's post another day. hopefully soon!

For now, just listen to the song which made me burst out crying in my Spicy Dory Fish, & garden salad! haha

Sometimes goodbye
Though it hurts is the only way now
For you and me

Though its the hardest thing to say
I'll miss your love in every way...

I know right?! What kind of twisted humor is this?! Gosh. I just sent off someone i love dearly at the airport; whom i may not be seeing in another year or two. And they got to play such a cheesy, pop-ish love song which made me cry because it speaks straight to my heart?! Someone is having a HUGE laugh at my expense! Faints. So you see, you can't blame me for crying(: hahaha!

Aw; I miss you

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