okay, so i have got some more pictures of my tuesday at dempsey with my family(: BUT before i launch into that~ school is getting pretty intense nowadays. tons of projects to be done and they are all due around two weeks' time. finals are coming in a month's time and seriously.

how are we supposed to find time to
1) go down to the sites
2) craft out SOPHISCATED surveys
3) evaluate and analyse our projects
4) do formulas to find profibility, leverage, liquidity
5) write long reports
6) do executive summaries

*list is NOT exhausive.

and on top of that; find time to study for our 3papers middle of next month?!
i mean, okay, time management is very important especially in poly and stuff. but. honestly. year2 is insane~

and it's only semester1.

okay, enough of stressing about school. i'm gna blog. shower. then do my part for my accounting project; then. do my tutorial.


owells, remember not long ago, esther, aud, ley and i took a job at the PC Fair @ Suntec Convention Centre? hahaha here's our pretty picture((:

OH! And the pictures from the night when Hairyson had dinner with my family((:

SMILEY; House @ Dempsey

I have no idea which BMW series is this but this machine's hairyson's babe. i think. haha

The B&J Waffle we shared(((:

From Left: Hairyson, Quan, My Mom(: She warned me not to put up her picture on my blog, citing infringement of. privacy or smt. but whteff. it's a nice picture(: And she looks good. so(: SHH. Dont tell her!

HAIRYSON!!!! i love your smiles(:

ps/ this is the picture on my desktop=p hahaha


Aw, i miss that Tuesday night:/

AND Esther dear, this song is dedicated for you.
I'll always be here for you. Take care alright?

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