I'm going to just; break up my life into bits and pieces and blog(((: anyway;
so the 2weeks holiday have been quite fun; and super tiring.

Slogged my guts out for the PC Fair @ Suntec Convention Centre and although i did slacked; i lost my voice and yer; i got that "sexy" voice every one gets when they have a sore throat~

But being with the girls was just fab(:

Ley, Esther, Aud and I(: SO much fun and although all of us were starving every night as we only had our meals only AFTER the event is over; it is good experience~

One that make me NOT wna go into Promoting the next time. though. i may change my mind should I be cash strapped. haha

C'est La Vie~

*Pictures For This Will Be Up Soon(:

Went off to Pulai Springs Resort at Johore, Malaysia for a Kids Church Camp and that was so much fun!

Although my nose acted like a dripping tap on the 1st day; it was great to be reaching out to the kids of Evangel Christian Church;

They were so much fun! And i'm forver amazed by their knowledge and creativity. They have got so much energy and i'm glad i have this chance to work with them(:

As i STILL have got my husky voice when i went for the camp; the additional yelling and all just. made it worse and this kid even asked if i;m "goign through puberty"~ LOL. AT THIS AGE. That sentence cracked me up!


OF COURSE. With the end of the camp; it actually meant something; School is STARTING AND HAIRYSON'S BACK!

I was a nervous wreck when i was meeting him and my 1st impression?!

WOW; He's really tall~ hahahaha

It's just. amazing. seeing someone in front of you physically` instead of from the laptop screen~ owells~ that's long distance for you~ hahaha

I barely ate during dinner and although his friend was there; it was just ODD. i was blushing furiously and non of the words on the menu came through my brain. hahaha that's an. unforgettable 1st date for you:D:D

okay; i've promised hairyson that i'll blog and cry about our dates ONLY when his back~ hahaha! So, he's leaving this Saturday~

It's Monday today and~ I guess. I'll have to say goodbye really really soon~ but i'll just. appreciate and cherish every date i have with you(: and; i love you(:


Went Boat Quay yesterday and all i can say is~ it's Bored Quay. i mean, as compared to Clarke Quay, Boat Quay has got nothing~ Yer, both sells food and hosts a couple of nice bar restaurants, but~ the feeling is just. different.

So suddenly, it poured and we were just, trapped in Dulls Ville, crashed Harry's Bar for a drink and the feeling was just. nice~ chilling with my girlfriends and just. having the laugh of our life~

I swear; i didnt know "pint" was pronounced "Pine"; untill i spoke to the bartender. haha! Isnt it prounounced the way it is spelt?! LOL but now i know(((:


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