PS/ So sorry for the double twin videos; no idea what's happening too. haha

I LOVE MY GIRLFRIENDS(: Projects and projects and more projects:/
We've always been meeting after school and going out on weekends to finish the 2 projects we have on hand,

For Principles of Marketing,
Leisure & Resort Mgmt
& Accounting

Owell, Ley is sick; due to all her dance and lack of sleep; get well soon my dear! Hope this video would cheer you up!

Cholat & Spice(((:

Yummy Muffins In A BAG(:

As for Esther, Aud and Mel, Hope that you girls loved the muffins i got for you(((:

KLINK KLINK~ Muffin Gum Bei!

I had so much fun with you girls(: Tons of XOXO(:

Esther, Aud & MEL(:

Really have tons of fun with you girls(:

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