There are a million things which i want to blog about BUT i will just start with those which i've already got pictures for((:


I've got such a blast with my family this birthday;
Although we had a simple cake, it was great fun!
Trying to glop whipped cream onto each other's faces!


Now you see it; Now you don't!

of course, we went out to eat the day before he's birthday and dad actually brought us to Brauhaus; a pub and restuarant!

it was a little weird. but the outdoor seating area made it less intimidating;

SO my dad got some. German beer. hahaha i dont even know how to pronounce that but anyway. it was goood(: bitter; not exactly my favourite but nice(:

I got some Belgian Passion Fruit Beer and i know; i know! many of you would be shocked that i actually LIKE this. sweet beer. hahaha BEER is SUPPOSED TO BE BITTER and stuff. i dont know. but this. being 3% alc. content. has got the least. chances of making my tipsy; since i'm finishing the entire 300ml bottle. BUT. god. after everything ; i felt so out of it. i;m LOUSY. really))):

SO, the dear birthday boy; got a bit cheeky and he got some of jason's Corona + Lime. hahaha

The LADIES was so FUN! hahaha LOOK AT THAT ON THE WALL!! haha

26 GOOD REASONS WHY A SAUSAGE IS BETTER THAN A MAN. hahahaha i actually read the entire list and it was warm and fuzzy. and downright. dirty. GOD. hahaha
i tried. putting one of the reason down. i cant. make myself publish it. haha it is really. censored stuff! LOL


My dad got their signature Pork Knuckle and it is HUGE! omg; ok; fine. we each got a bit of the meat but wow. it is huge! i dont know how he finished them! haha

HAHA my mom's facial expression when she saw her dish was classic!
she's not exactly a potato. hater. but it's CARBO LADEN. hahahha thank god for her; it's only the top. thin slices. it's all pasta beneath. and mushrooms. haha

JASON GOT THIS!! and i've got a THING about ordering the same food as someone on the table cos i believe in SHARING. hahaha

anyway. his salmon looked so goood. and it tastes even better(: god. i;m hungry now~

this slab of beef is awesome! it's topped off with black pepper sauce ( i loathe!) but the texture of the meat is really gooood!

As for me; i got the super unhealthy. sausage meal. haha it's JUST FULL OF MEAT. LOL. of course! being a "sharity elephant", i shared like. 2 nd a two thirds of my sausages away. hahaha seriously ASK ME OUT FOR DINNER! ANYONE! you could save big bucks!

ANYWAY. yer. my dad wasnt satisfied with the amount of beer he had (insane); so. he ordered this. SEXY LAGER FOR FUN. hahahaha it tastes alright and the bikini babe is just. so so~ hahaha; no im kidding! LOL

went over to LERK THAI @ Square Two and it was GREAT! haven't had thai food in ages and the TOM YAM never failed to perk me up((: it was awesomely spicy(: hahaha

***okay; that's all i;m gna blog till~ there's TOO MANY PICTURES TODAY. hahaha
gna continue tomorrow and. ANTICIPATE(((:

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