YAY!! Guess the physical ailment i;m having now with the above images;


i've got TENNIS ELBOW; much to my horror;

i thought that it was my heavy tote that was the cause of the sharp pain in the bones of my elbow. gosh~~~~

how lousy can i be? or unfit; i mean i only used my right hand for tennis for like. 2wks. omgg and hairyson!! you would want to play tennis with me in june?! HAHAHAHA oh man:/ let's stick to golf! and i will probably get a golf ankle or something. hahahah

it's 8:21 now; gna go back home to SLEEP after this; and then gna mug; gosh)))):

owell; APPLES for me & everyone else who needs the extra energy!

ps/ for those who for some reason cant bite from the fruit itself;

apple slices + a smattering amount of sweet caramel(((:

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