ok, i thought detergent was supposed to CLEAN your garments; to get rid of the stains from your favorite top etc;

GOD~ OMG; i cant believe how i ruined my favorite pair of shorts when i tried to apply this "superstrength" detergent to my khaki shorts;

crap~ i;m not even gna complain about how new they are. but freak~~~ i felt so cheated. what kind of detergent does that?!!

*keeping my fingers crossed*

i hope that zara still have got

that particular pair of shorts)))):

and another thing, which i have no one to blame but my lack of self discipline

i had this yesterday night after tennis~

gosh~ hahaha it was yummy!!!! i seriously think that i;m in love with teh tarik aww:DDD

anyway; speaking of tennis;
it was so. frustrating cos it was so difficult to volley the ball without it bouncing on the court; however it was just so FUN!

esther, aud and i were like; laughing and having the time of our life although we were only doing the basic training which is killing me by the second IF i were to continue being so unfit; hahaha ; but we were very good. tennis students ok?! :DD

the elbow was giving me slight trouble and i couldnt use all the strength in my right arm but still~ i hope that with more rest, it will be well sooon(:


CEM was a headache in the beginning but i could tell that everyone is putting in their 100% to finish their part of the deal; i believe that; whether we get the bid or not;

what's most important is

my class's can-do spirit(:

honestly; i hope that this event would pull us closer together as a class and as for those minute unhappiness that some of us feel; i hope that it will dissipate and all will be well(:

jia you 04!!!

tons of love;

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