today is just so. messed up~ i mean, sparks honestly did zoom here and there and it was scary~

but like what ley said; this event that we are planning help us to get an insight of what is to come; when we graduate and go out into the industry...

the bidding process especially; all of us put in our blood, sweat and tears; and we might not get the bid in the end..

but seriously, i can imagine the euphoria of the SG YOG 2010 Committee when they got the bid for such a large scale, prestigious event...

so to lighten things up now:DDD

This was what ley doodled in her accounting notes today!! hahaha omggg
she was basically "sleep writing" or smt. hahahaha

had such a laughing fit in ourspace when i saw. and it's not only ONE PAGE!! hahahaha

it's DOODLES DAY today((((:

apparently; since the back of my right hand is a blank piece of canvas for esther san to tattoo on~ hahaha

yay CHAR ASH((((:

i love her cute ribbon(((: aw it's pink((: and it's my pen=p hahahaha
yupp; apparently we learnt how not to

"order the most exp food on the menu of i were to be invited to a dinner"

--> if such practice were to take place, i dont see how my dad's dinner check at demsey would amount to an insane amount with his business associates )))):

but anyway; yer~ so. pls give us your kind understanding if we seem to be doing such retarded stuff. ahhaha

Il est Hong Wei((((:
haha my french buddy;

got a surpise visit from my dear friend
got a SUPER! L-A-M-E JOKE from him;

a mozzie and a housefly are competing against each other;
who wins?

GIVE UP?!!!!!



haha go figure kks?!! LOL


i <3 hairynou(((((: + lego girl ((((:

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