today is pretty insane!! i mean; there was the whole CEM presentation and what made it so awesome was how freaked out i was before the presentation; and how my friggin left hand actually shook.


at first, i wasnt sure if it is shaking but after a while. i was so freaked out that i blurted out about my booboo into the mic. LOL owells~ bringing laughter and joy. in a wrong way. hahaha

and. yes; everyone. call me


thanks to the good people in 03, they counted that i said "actually" 62 times in my entire presentation~ hahaha ok. that is. bad~ i may have like. caused my team to do a little badly in the presentation. but.

I'M SO SORRY!! hahaha gosh~ this bad habit of mine~ ever since. secondary school~

seriously if i have 5presentations in a wk. and i have to give someone a dollar for every actually i say~ i'll be broke!!


but all in all~ it was FAB! really. the presentation went well~ and the lecturers asked us tons of questions~ they werent picking at out projects but they seemed; SEEMED. genuinely interested~ so.

*fingers crossed*

anyway; the day started off beautifully for me(:

they sky had such a gorgeous color when i woke up and it was awesome! reminded me of the time when i saw the sunrise with esther and ley at the cruise~

never seen this before and when i got home; i saw the prettiest, fattest, biggest and roundest moon ever!!

tried to take a picture of it but it looks a a ping pong ball~ hahah owell~

however; in the dead of the night. i think my day was kinda ruined by the videos in ley's blog. omggggggg

go watch! --> http://www.xanga.com/estrellas_ley

* and!! can any anyone tell me how to STOP sleeping at the wrong times))): i just seem to doze off when i say BRB. at 1st it was rather amusing but now i feel so~~ much worse than a pig. in a bad way. )))):

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