anywayy; since i'm up and alone in the dead of the night; i might as well grab the opportunity to just blog~

anyhow over the weekends, went over to raffles place with my family, and we found this great japanese restuarant to have our dinner.

Shokodu uses the same concept as Marche where customers have got to use an access card to purchase their food items and it is basically frills free.

the food was awesome and even a simple bowl of soba is so yummmy!

some of the stuff we ordered;

dad ordered the seafood udon and it was so good! and no; i didnt finish like. half his portion or smt. i only had a mouthful hahah. the texture is different from soup based udon and seriously. what's best about this dish is how the sauce is done. oh man! why cant i cook like that?! it's awesome!

mom had the super healthy shiitake hotpot and i love the concept! the shiitake is totally yummy but the soup tastes abit. too. raw funghi-ish for me~

Asparagus wrapped with bacon and a whole fish;

the asparagus was yummy! really~ it may sound disgusting but it is crunchy and so so goood!

Beef stuffed with spring onions

ok, i got to admit, the spring onion threw me off and i didnt try this. but. right now. sitting here all hungry and cold (not), i regretted not trying. hahaah

who else is a steak person like me:D haha

the tentacles were fabbb!!! omg it's totally different from squid and everything! it's crunchy and the dip is just. unbelievably sweet and yummy(:

can you salivate just by looking at the pictures?! gosh~

for dessert, i shared with mom and quan cos i dont wna end up feeling guilty. ordered a banana chocolate crepe. OMGGGGGGGG it's fabbb! it's now like. on par with my fav waffles and pancakes!

the banana and choc pieces were all mushed up in a way. but it still resembles banana slices. the choc was fantastic!!! think it's hershey's~ (although the crepe is so shoddily made) anyway. the best part was the strawberry yoghurt ice cream! gosh~ that was. YUMMMMY oh gosh~ i;m seriously hungry now.

and pardon for the 10 or so "seriously hungry" you see; that's because i didnt haf my dinner tdy. haha sorrrry! there wasnt any time for me to eat~ so. hahah

anyway; i've always walked past this platform without taking note of this but seriously, i love topshop's concept! haha love the way the mannequin looks so much like a real person; with the way they are postioned.



some smoothie thing and i love it(((:
so cute:D

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