i havent blogged for like ages and before we see any cobwebs; i'm gna say; i'm in a dilemma, i dont know if i should continue with my other blog or not? it's like, the inspiration to blog has been sucked out from me~

or maybe i;m plain lazy~

school's been in session for 2wks and i guess, year2 is fine~ esp when esther treats me very nice. however, the downside is that my friends have started saying i am becoming more and more like shirley.

so many things to blog about but i shall start with my Bangkok Trip(((:

It's more of a shopping trip for us and with my cousin and his wife who are proficient in Thai, it was easy enough for us to navigate around the shopping district using the subway and buses.

Bought like, tons of stuff!! Went over to Chatuchak Weekend Market on Saturday and that was when i've committed suicide! Because Jason and Quan werent with us, the focus was on me(((: hahaha so wow, shopped and bargained like mad;

After that, we went over to MBK, one of the LARGEST shopping malls in the city and it was bargain heaven! For those of you who havent been to Bangkok, you guys are seriously, missing alot~

And, both trips have really opened my eyes to the amount of FAKES that were available in Thailand;

i mean, you could get an LV bag or Chanel on the streets for like, 300Bhat, which was around, SGD$13. And all the Lacoste and RL Polo, and D&G, CK Boxers and stuff; i mean; i thought China was bad, but Bangkok alone is . WHOA.

3rd day was another shopping excursion to the World Trade Centre and it is NOTHING compared to Vivo City, it was insane, but the shops were really fab!

i love SHOES TO BITS!!!!!!!!!!! And i love the layout of this shoe boutique; it's so different and it honestly made me wna go right in; snatch the heels and run! haha

TOY FACTORY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
we dont have this in singapore but i love their watches!!!
so cute and fun to look at(((((:

*** WHY cant we have cool boutiques in SG too?!!
i mean; how many Charles & Keiths can there be and how many City Chain can we have?!

Also; cant we have more of such cafes in SG?! seriously the structure is gorgeous and the all white concept is so pretty(((((:


Granted, there were shops which you could find in SG, but the rest were really unique boutiques. they have the LARGEST Lacoste store i have ever seen and looking at the Polo Dress was enough to make me go weak in the knees.

But, because i've gone mad at the Chatuchak and MBK, i, being a dutiful daughter, didnt even make a peep about going to the store. hahaha it was TORTURE, that's all i can say;

i was also pretty fascinated by the Thai Culture and how everything was seeped with tradition~ majority of the Thai population are devote Buddhist and this is evident almost everywhere we went to.

right outside the malls, they will be shrines and you will definitely get to see a devotee offering his or her prayers and thanksgiving. what came as a slight culture shock was how girls and guys my age and praying together like it is the most normal thing ever. i mean yer, it is really normal but think about it; how many of us have actually prayed with a friend from school before?


Was dabbling in a bit of photography in Bangkok with Jason's new camera and i dont care how touristy it was but it was real fun snapping pictures as and when i like(((:

I love this picture the best((((:

Snapped a picture of this man in the cafeteria and i love it as much! the pensive look and all; captured~

ANDY OH is not the only one with the flair for photography=p hahaha ok; NOW, i;m crapping~ hahaha

anyway, we went during the Songkran Festival, which was the holiday for the Thais and they have a custom to wet random strangers with their waterguns, buckets of water or flour mixed with water.

Needless to say, i got sprayed like. quite a couple of times even when i was at the mall and it was so weird in the beginning but then; i've learned like, not to react when i felt the shockingly cold jet of water. haha

*weird people standing there, soaking up the atmosphere~ LITERALLY.

*ta-da!!! after standing under the tree for 15mins, this is what my dad got~ HAHAHA

The food was yummy and a million times better than Thai Express or Lerk Thai. I hate how choosy i get about food when i come back home from a holiday cos it meant that whtever i ate couldnt match up;

* i still do not know what's hanging from the hawker's mobile. it is cuttlefish or?? i mean, at 1st glance, they DO look like those cheap nude colored bras on sale in a department store...

* Still at Chinatown Wholesales;

let's have a caption naming contest! hahaha what is the girl doing?!! but anyway. yum the food. it was real fun standing by the pushcart, choosing and waiting for your food to cook(((:

Till now, i still havent forgottened the taste of the Bubble Tea from Taiwan, which i visited like, 2years ago and it is. not good at all!! i mean, i'm still craving for the taste of authentic fermented beancurd:D:D even though it smells of sewage. hahaha

The flight got delayed for like, 2hrs which was bad news cos it was 1st day of school the next day. but nevertheless, i enjiyed my trip home and the white wine i got onboard were delicious((: was raring for a bit of brandy, but, i didnt wna get hungover. so:D:D:D hahah see, i do know my limits((((:


Love From BANGKOK;

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