FIRST MAY(((((((((((((:

So somehow, the folks felt like having a picnic at Palawan Beach, Sentosa and we ALL went;

went in my cousin's coach and it was surreal!!
i mean i felt like a tourist and it was so funny!! hahaah

that's my dad; playing tour guide. hahaah
he was like;

"so, what's the population of SG; what's the total land area?"

friggin lame. but funny. hahaha

though it was kinda weird, hanging out with my parents and stuff at the beach, it was FUN(((:

saw the "southern most point of Asia" and as usual, i saw; i didnt go to the top and proclaimed my love for anyone. hahahaha

saw the throng of tourists going past the bridge and honestly, i;m convinced that the Chinese and Indians really LOVE SENTOSA!!

haha i was as red as a lobster and the tan lines were wow.haha

and unfortunately, i realised that i cant play frisbee;

i mean, i can throw really well. but not catch! haha either that or person who was throwing suck at that! hahaha

so in the end, my brother decided to be funny and dragged me down to the sea; and shoved me in~

yes; i wouldnt mind except for the fact that i didnt bring any extra undies to change into! hahahaha

but anyway; haven swam in like; ages and i felt like i was dying whn i swam out to the middle of the sea! haha yes. lousy i know. but. at least i swam(((:

the sun was fabb!!!
made me think of summer though=p



i love huiqi:DDDD

ps/ of course i went snap happy=p haha took a picture of this little girl:DD

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